Camp Ziegler

The namesake camp of the Ziegler Polar Expedition

Camp Ziegler

Region: Arctic

Destinations: Franz Josef Land

Alger Island’s Camp Ziegler

Camp Ziegler was one of the camps used by the Fiala-Ziegler Polar Expedition of 1903-1905, which failed in its ultimate objective to reach the North Pole. The party sought refuge at Camp Ziegler after repeated misfortunes troubled their expedition.

The first setback came in November of 1903, when their expedition ship was broken up in severe weather. What little coal and provisions remained were mostly lost in another storm the following January. Though the expedition made further attempts to reach the North Pole, challenges of open water, severe conditions, and low supplies forced them south.

The following spring, the expedition made more attempts to reach the pole by searching for ways east and west. However, conditions were still too severe, open water caused more difficulties, and provisions continued to run low. The expedition was forced to head south until a rescue party arrived, led by William S. Champ on board the Terra Nova.