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PLA05-24, trip log, North Spitsbergen Explorer - Versatile landscapes, sea ice & wild

A mother with a younger cub appeared, highlighting to us how hard it can be to spot a polar bear in what appears to be flat ground.

The Flight of the Örnen: Andrée's 1897 Arctic Balloon Expedition

Andrée's balloon, the Örnen, would carry equipment for scientific observation and photographic studies.

HDS05-24, trip log, Around Spitsbergen - In the realm of polar bear & ice

The walrus colony had many females and calves, which is quite special to see!

OTL04-24, trip log, North Spitsbergen, Basecamp, Free kayaking, Hiking, Photo Worksho

While we were watching the bear sleeping on a snow patch, we suddenly saw another bear walking along the shore!

PLA04-24, trip log, East Spitsbergen, Home of the polar bear - Summer Solstice, Inclu

In the beginning everybody was free to walk around the blubber ovens, afterwards everybody was divided into groups.

OTL03-24, trip log, North Spitsbergen Explorer - Versatile Landscapes, sea ice & Wild

It was a truly phenomenal encounter with the creature we had all journeyed to the high Arctic hoping to see. The experience moved some peopl

HDS04-24, trip log, East Spitsbergen, Home of the polar bear - Summer Solstice, Inclu

We awoke in Recherchefjorden. Reindeer grazed on the slopes of the cliffs.

PLA03-24, trip log, North Spitsbergen Explorer - Versatile landscapes, sea ice & wild

In the open pack ice in the vicinity of the Seven Islands, a female polar bear with cub was spotted.

HDS03-24, trip log, North Spitsbergen Explorer - Polar bears, bowhead whales & more

Walruses are super social creatures, huddling together in large groups.

PLA02-24, trip log, North Spitsbergen Explorer - Versatile landscapes, sea ice & wild

We continue enjoying our ship cruise along the ice edge and then all of a sudden, the moment we have all been quietly hoping for… A polar be

PLA01-24, trip log, Arctic Ocean - Aberdeen, Fair Isle, Jan Mayen, Spitsbergen

Sheep and Shetland ponies grazed the cliff tops as we wandered along Foula’s incredible coastline.

Oceanwide Expeditions donates €955 to nature charities

This year we will donate €995 to the following conservation charities based on guest reviews: World Wildlife Fund, BirdLife International, 4

HDS32-24, trip log, Atlantic Odyssey

We awoke to a beautiful tropical morning, anchored just outside the port of Jamestown, St Helena.

PLA32-24, trip log, Antarctica - Polar Circle - Whale Watching

The silence was broken by the distant spouts of water, signaling the presence of humpback whales.

OTL32-24, trip log, Antarctica - Polar Circle - Deep South Discovery Voyage

Diving the iceberg was spectacular in itself and we also had Sea Butterflies and Comb Jellyfish to add to the beauty.

HDS30-24, trip log, Antarctica - Beyond the Polar Circle - Wilkins Ice Shelf

The snow petrels caught the orange glow from the sunrise giving the appearance of the phoenix rising from the ashes, the very epitome of The

OTL31-24, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

Campers spent the night in their small dugouts and cozy sleeping bags under starry skies, going to sleep to the sound of penguins, whales br

PLA31-24, trip log, Antarctica - Elephant Island - Weddell Sea - Polar Circle

Off we went and at the narrowest point of the channel, we found a great iceberg with a great arch.

PLA30-24, trip log, Antarctica - Polar Circle

We could look the whales in the eyes and seeing these intelligent and gentle giants from up close is just an incredible experience

HDS29-24, trip log, Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Elephant Island - Antarctica

While at breakfast at 07:30 we sailed through a wide channel with some icebergs in the distance, but not much at first. Where were we and wh

PLA29-24, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

The bay was full of ice drifting adding to the experience, an unreal feeling. We were there, paddling in absolute silence, listening to the