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Oceanwide Five-Time World Travel Award Winner

29.11.2019. Oceanwide Expeditions was named the 2019 World’s Leading Polar Expedition Operator at the World Travel Awards gala held on November 28 in the...

Penguins, Petrels, and Prions: Top Antarctica Bird Tour Spots

If anyone ever tells you Antarctica is for the birds, they’re right.

Crossing, Kayaking, Camping: Three Antarctic Adventures

Crossing the Drake Passage rewards thousands of tourists every year with one of the most incredible paradises on planet Earth!

Our Third Consecutive Landing at Snow Hill Island

20.11.2019. For the third time in as many years, Oceanwide Expeditions has achieved helicopter landings at Snow Hill Island, hiking our passengers to the...

Publieksdag Expedities Spitsbergen 2015/2020 - Poolshoogte nemen!

19.11.2019. Een nieuwe grote Nederlandse wetenschappelijke expeditie naar Spitsbergen staat weer in de steigers. Na het grote succes van SEES 2015 zullen...

Greenland: Land of Superlatives

On September 16th, I flew to Iceland and spent an evening in Reykjavik, then crossed the island for the town of Akureyri the next day.

A Veteran Guide: Interview with Arjen Drost

Arjen Drost has been a guide for Oceanwide Expeditions for nearly twenty years. And as any polar traveler can tell you, that’s a lot of water...

Sights and Sounds of Spitsbergen Aboard the New Hondius

Looking out over the pack ice after reaching 80 degrees north, this was the moment when I really felt like I was in the Arctic.

Seven Frightfully Fun Polar Ghost Stories

As a breeding ground for ghost stories, the polar regions are tough to beat. After all, few places on the planet have claimed the lives of...

Spotlight on s/v Noorderlicht

Noorderlicht is one of two historic schooners we operate in the Arctic, and is the only ship in our fleet not technically owned by Oceanwide...

The Impact of Small vs. Large Cruise Ships

The generalization that larger ships impact the environment more than smaller ships seems like such a no-brainer that if someone said it to you,...

Conservation Connection: Oceanwide and Happywhale

According to Happywhale, conserving the oceans starts with the whales.

Eight Facts About the Rowdy, Resilient Musk Ox

Given how violent their lives can be, it may come as some surprise that musk oxen live as long as they do. Twenty years, after all, is a long...

The Most Enchanting Antarctica Cruise Islands

Whether it’s Greenland in the Arctic or Snow Hill Island in Antarctica, the bulk of our polar expeditions take place around, between, and upon...

From Teacher to Travel Guide: Interview with Ali Liddle

Being a good expedition leader isn’t just about making plans, giving briefings, and enduring the occasional sleepless night spent praying for...

PLA23-19, trip log, Antarctic Explorer's Voyage

Our expedition leader Ali woke us at 0730, but many of us were already outside on deck to see if we could spot any sea birds. The sun was shining...

OTL22-19, trip log, Weddell Sea

It was late afternoon on a windy but sunny and beautiful day in Ushuaia. The first passengers to arrive to Ortelius at 2pm were a group of young...

HDS21-19, trip log, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctica

We woke to fairly “lumpy” seas and a brisk wind giving enough motion to upset some of our equilibrium. Some were confined to the berth while...

PLA22-19, trip log, Antarctica

We started the morning with a delicious buffet breakfast and then headed to the lounge where Sara talked to us about penguins. Her lecture was...

OTL21-19, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp

Today was a day of wonders. Starting in Neko Harbour, the wind was threatening to prevent us loading or landing the zodiacs. As we waited, the...

HDS15-19, trip log, Scoresby Sund, Aurora Borealis

We finally start our first real day in East Greenland. After a quiet night in the sheltered fjords, we arrive early at Vikingebugt. The visibility...

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