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North Iceland - Arctic Circle & whales, Aurora borealis

Aurora Borealis, Arctic Circle & whales

RVR33-18. Visit the island of Grimsey and take a guided walk across the Arctic Circle. At night we might see Aurora borealis (Northern Lights), While sailing across Skjafandi Bay we hope to see Humpback whales, Minke whales, White-beaked dolphins and Harbour porpoise.

s/v Rembrandt Van Rijn

s/v Rembrandt Van Rijn

Cruise date:

19 Oct - 22 Oct, 2018


1200 USD

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Iceland cruise FAQ

Are all the costs included in the price or are there some hidden charges?

All inclusions and exclusions can be found on the specific voyage page. Also you will find the same information on our Dates & Rates overview under General Notes. 


Am I allowed to smoke on board?

On board our vessels we have a non-smoking policy. It is prohibited to smoke inside the ship at any time. You are allowed to smoke at the designated smoking areas on the outer decks. It is prohibited to throw the cigarette butt overboard. Please note:...


Am I allowed to smoke in the zodiacs?

Never smoke in the zodiacs. This is extremely hazardous because there are exposed fuel tanks connected to the outboard engines. Lit cigarettes are also hazardous to the rubber construction of the boats. 


Any prior camping experience required?

No, everyone can participate in this activity. There are no physical requirements except giving helping hands to field staff putting up tents and cleaning the campsite. Please note that we are not camping on a camping ground, we are in Antarctica! There...


Are binoculars expensive and does Oceanwide Expeditions provide binoculars?

Good binoculars are not cheap but will give more joy while looking at wildlife and can last a lifetime. At the lower end of the price range there are still reasonable binoculars for sale but try them out before you buy them. Normally we do not provide...


Are lifejackets provided on your cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica?

For the safety of all passengers during our cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica we provide everyone with a lightweight inflatable life jacket, which inflates automatically on contact with water. It is mandatory to wear these life jackets all times...