How we PRESERVE the precious polar environment

We are all guests in the polar regions, which means we must do everything we can to leave these incredible areas as untouched by our passage as possible. Here are some ways we do this.

Promoting polar awareness

In 1983 the Arctic Centre of Groningen University in the Netherlands launched a research program to Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. 


Updating our vessels

Foremost among our sustainability goals is actively reducing the impact and emission of our vessels, investing in new technology and continuously improving our existing resources.


Waste reduction & removal

We limit onboard waste production by recycling as often as we can as well as banning single-use plastics on any of our vessels. 


Supporting local, staying green

Buying our products locally whenever possible is our way of reducing transportation impact while also supporting local communities.


Protecting the wildlife

One of the chief reasons for visiting the polar regions is the exotic animals. And because it is such a privilege to watch undisturbed wildlife in its natural habitat, we dutifully and passionately adhere to all AECO and IAATO wildlife guidelines, avoiding any disturbance to these enchanting creatures. 


Assisting scientists

Science is a central part of Oceanwide’s culture and history, starting with our roots in the Plancius Foundation. But it is also vital to our growing understanding of the polar environment.


Providing a positive polar experience

We have an unwavering belief in the long-term benefit of polar education and advocacy, and we feel there is no better way to accomplish this than through positive first-hand experience.


Our ultimate goal, then, is to create and contribute to an expedition industry that protects the polar regions as much as it reveals their transformative beauty to the world, because while these areas are too good not to share, they are also too precious not to protect.