Explore the stark beauty of an Arctic island chain

Cruises to Svalbard

Around Spitsbergen
Up to 1850 USD discount

Around Spitsbergen

Full Spitsbergen Circumnavigation

HDS07-19. Take a cruise around Spitsbergen and explore the icy waters of the North Atlantic. This special expedition offers you the chance to catch site of whales, reindeer, Arctic foxes, walruses, seals, and the star attraction, the polar bear.

m/v Hondius

m/v Hondius

Cruise date:

5 Jul - 14 Jul, 2019


7300 USD 5450 USD 1850 USD discount

North (82 Degree) & Around Spitsbergen – Kvitøya
Up to 1800 USD discount

North (82 Degree) & Around Spitsbergen – Kvitøya

Full Spitsbergen Circumnavigation with a visit to Kvitøya

HDS11-19. This cruise around Spitsbergen gives you a great chance to see whales, foxes, reindeer, seals, and polar bears. The expedition will make a landing on the island of Kvitøya, a site of historical significance, and home of a large walrus population.

m/v Hondius

m/v Hondius

Cruise date:

10 Aug - 21 Aug, 2019


9350 USD 7550 USD 1800 USD discount

North Spitsbergen, In search of Polar Bear & Pack Ice

The best opportunity to spot the King of the Arctic

PLA04-19. Start your North Spitsbergen cruise with a trek around historic Longyearbyen, then join our expedition to the north of the island to take in the fantastically beautiful landscapes, the thousands of seabirds, and of course the star of the show, the polar bear.

m/v Plancius

m/v Plancius

Cruise date:

27 May - 3 Jun, 2019


4050 USD

North Spitsbergen, Arctic Summer

Watch for wildlife in iconic Arctic terrain

NOO21-19. The North Spitsbergen cruise sails to some of the remotest locations of northern Europe. The expedition gives you the opportunity to spot historic whaling remains, glaciers, a variety of Arctic birds including the Little Auk, and polar bears.

s/v Noorderlicht

s/v Noorderlicht

Cruise date:

29 May - 8 Jun, 2019


4400 USD

Fair Isle-Jan Mayen-Spitsbergen, Whale Safari

Go whale-watching around remote Arctic islands

HDS03a-19. The North Atlantic Odyssey cruise searches the waters of the North East Atlantic for a variety of marine life. The expedition crosses paths with dolphins as well as large baleen whales on the way to mysterious Jan Mayen with its massive volcano. The pack ice towards Svalbard may reveal surprises.

m/v Hondius

m/v Hondius

Cruise date:

3 Jun - 14 Jun, 2019


4100 USD

Svalbard cruise video

Svalbard story

No Landing Today

Together with some 100 fellow passengers, I am aboard the vessel Ortelius on a whale safari to Fair Isle, Jan Mayen, and Svalbard.

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Svalbard blog

A Modern Arctic Voyage on a Historic Arctic Vessel

This August our Arctic program includes two incredibly scenic wildlife trips that allow you to circumnavigate the Arctic island of Spitsbergen,...

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Svalbard experiences

Svalbard wildlife

See the impressive array of wildlife you may encounter::

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Map of Svalbard

Svalbard cruise reviews

rating reviews

Overall rating based on 157 votes

James Vedder
Great experience
by James Vedder on Arctic

Accommodations/ cabin was basic but very adequate. Meals were outstanding. Dining area, lounge superb. Nice to meet captain... crew members excellent, friendly. Ship was very stable even in high seas. Great assistance...

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Ursula und Stephan Schüßler
Eine Traumreise
by Ursula und Stephan Schüßler on Arctic

Die komplette Besatzung des Schiffes, das Expeditionsteam unter der Leitung von Christian Engelke und Sandra Petrowitz war genial. Alle verdienen den größten Dank für ihren Einsatz, Flexibilität...

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Stephan Oberteufer
authentic Arctic sailing
by Stephan Oberteufer on Arctic

This trip with s/v Noorderlicht was the third and last activity on my extensive stay in Svalbard. The bar naturally was already set high after exploring the northern archipelago on a small motorship and a stay...

  • phpTx008W
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Max Delang

Even though it was the first time for me on a sailing vessel I felt very comfortable from the beginning. The crew with our captain Floris was friendly and helpful all the time and really passionate sailors. Beside...

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Jeroen & Marian van Rooijen
Spitbergen - Noorderlicht 16-23 september 2018
by Jeroen & Marian van Rooijen on Arctic

Our journey with the ''Noorderlicht'' to Spitsbergen was magnificent! Not only the magnificent landscape of Spitsbergen in a clear blue sky, but also the way how this trip was arranged was outstanding....

  • phpFP60Bn
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Inge Wankmüller
Rund um Spitzbergen und Kvitoya
by Inge Wankmüller on Arctic

Wunderbare Reise, perfekte Organisation, sehr kompetente Betreuer an Bord, einfach perfekt in allen Punkten.

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Svalbard FAQ

Where do we go on Spitsbergen?

The sailing range of this expedition is limited to the north-west coast of the Spitsbergen archipelago. As we want to make several longer hikes we do not want too spend much time travelling around with the ship. We like to spend as much time ashore as...


What is the best time to travel to Spitsbergen?

This depends on what you want to experience at Spitsbergen. In case you want to experience the Polar night or the Aurora Borealis, November to February is the best time to travel to Spitsbergen. Do you want to see the midnight sun and enjoy boat trips,...


When is the winter season in Spitsbergen?

The sun sets for the last time in Spitsbergen in mid-September and rises above the horizon again in mid-February. The winter landscape and temperatures prevail until May.   


What is the temperature and weather like in Svalbard?

The weather in Spitsbergen differs per area and location. Although snow can occur throughout the year in Svalbard, the North Atlantic Current helps provide Svalbard with warmer temperatures than many other areas within similar latitudes. However,...


Where can I see Polar bears during the Spitsbergen voyage?

As Polar bears are animals which can travel many kilometres in a day, it is impossible to say where and when you can spot Polar bears. Your best chance to observe Polar bears are found in the areas around sea ice. The chance to see Polar bears in Svalbard...


What wildlife can I see in Spitsbergen?

Your cruise to Spitsbergen will come with an enormous amount of opportunity to spot wildlife. Polar bears are obviously the main attraction regarding wildlife. There are six national parks throughout Spitsbergen, and Svalbard alone is known to contain,...


About Svalbard

Svalbard weather

Svalbard is located in the high Arctic and shares the Arctic’s designation as a technical desert when it comes to annual precipitation (or lack thereof). Particularly the eastern part of Svalbard sees relatively little precipitation annually. The west coast sees more precipitation in the form of rain and snow. Depending on when you take your Svalbard cruise you can expect temperatures to average anywhere from -14°C in the winter to 6°C in the summer.


Facts about Svalbard

  • The name “Svalbard” is an old name (going back to at least the 1100s) meaning “cold coasts.”
  • Longyearbyen, Svalbard’s only true town, was founded by an American in 1906. It has a little over 2000 inhabitants.
  • Almost 65% of Svalbard is a protected nature reserve or a national park.
  • Svalbard is the archipelago (chain of islands) off the north coast of Norway.
  • Svalbard has the world’s third biggest ice sheet, coming behind only Antarctica and Greenland.
  • Svalbard is made up of 4 main islands, and almost 150 smaller islands.
  • Nobody gets buried on Svalbard. Because of the cold in the ground bodies generally fail to decompose, meaning that the graveyards would quickly get overrun. Therefore bodies are shipped to mainland Norway and buried there.

Travel to Svalbard

Travel to Svalbard and experience one of the Earth’s northernmost human inhabitations. Your Svalbard expedition cruise will take you to a beautifully stark landscape of glaciers and rugged snow-capped mountains. During your Svalbard holiday you’ll explore the preserved and protected history of the region, watch high Arctic wildlife on both land and at sea. Come during the late autumn/early winter months and your Svalbard cruise will be capped off by the great wonder of the Polar skies, the Northern Lights. For the polar bear enthusiasts special polar bear itineraries are arranged to offer the best polar bear experiences. 

Polar bear video by Vedat Mihmat