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St. Helena to Cape Verde

Witness the northbound spring migration

HDS35-23 During the days at sea the chances of meeting whales are high. Witness the northbound spring migration of northern birds like Arctic Terns and Long-tailed Skuas who join us in crossing the Equator (“the Line”).

m/v Hondius

m/v Hondius

Cruise date:

18 Apr - 27 Apr, 2023


2100 USD

North Spitsbergen, Arctic Spring - Hike & Ski & Sail

Explore the shores and seas of an amazing Arctic island

RVR20-23 At the end of a long Arctic winter, spring is starting to awaken. The climate, however, still clings to the cold: snow-covered mountains, snow-swept shores, temperatures around –4° C (25°F). It’s a good time to experience the last of winter scenery,...

s/v Rembrandt Van Rijn

s/v Rembrandt van Rijn

Cruise date:

15 May - 22 May, 2023


on request

North Spitsbergen, In search of Polar Bear & Pack Ice
$900 OFF

North Spitsbergen, In search of Polar Bear & Pack Ice

The best opportunity to spot the King of the Arctic

PLA02-23 Start your North Spitsbergen cruise with a trek around historic Longyearbyen, then join our expedition to the north of the island to take in the fantastically beautiful landscapes, the thousands of seabirds, and of course the star of the show, the polar...

m/v Plancius

m/v Plancius

Cruise date:

1 Jun - 8 Jun, 2023


4000 USD

Arctic Ocean Expedition, Aberdeen - Fair Isle - Jan Mayen - Ice edge - Spitsbergen - Birding

Sail the East Greenland ice edge north of Spitsbergen in search for whales, and other Arctic wildlife

HDS01a23 Search for whales, and other Arctic wildlife of the land, sea, and air on an adventurous voyage from our home port of Vlissingen to our favorite Arctic island group.

m/v Hondius

m/v Hondius

Cruise date:

3 Jun - 14 Jun, 2023


3000 USD

Arctic Ocean Expedition, Fair Isle - Jan Mayen - Ice Edge - Spitsbergen - Birding

Sail the East Greenland ice edge north of Spitsbergen in search for whales, and other Arctic wildlife

HDS01b23 Search for whales, and other Arctic wildlife of the land, sea, and air on an adventurous voyage from the Scottish port of Aberdeen to our favorite Arctic island group.

m/v Hondius

m/v Hondius

Cruise date:

5 Jun - 14 Jun, 2023


2750 USD

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Antarctic Endurance: Ultramarathon in Earth’s Largest Desert

Sixty ultramarathoners will join us in Antarctica during the 2024-25 season.

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Customer story

Around Spitsbergen, in the Realm of the Polar Bear & Ice

There are journeys and there are journeys. This trip is one that falls in the latter category. I look back on a fantasti

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Antarctica & Arctic cruise reviews

Overall rating based on 787 votes

by Margot Van Duijneveldt

Everything was well organised, food was excellent, trips were amazing. I enjoyed every day and everything. They tried to let you experience everything, if plan A wasn’t an option plan b, c or d were available.

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Geoff hondius Feb 23
by Geoff Colyer

The Crew & Activities could not have been better. Outdoor activities perfect & staff knowledgable , helpful & friendly. Food & Cabins top class ( & we had 2 single beds but so much room ). I my only suggestion

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great once in a lifetime experience
by Annette Schmitz

A real expedition with a very nice and very competent Expedition Crew. Overwhelming experiences with nature and wild live. Great helicopter flights and extreme tasty food that made possible, that I got two kilo

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Liliana Echevarria
Memorable Ross Sea Expedition
by Liliana Echevarria

Celebrating my 7th continent in MV Ortelius with a very experienced and knowledgeable staff and crew made this 33-day expedition one of the top vacations of a lifetime!

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Incredible expeditin
by Ignacio Benedeti

Amazing expedition with a first class team!

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Our once in a lifetime cruise

Terrillyn and I have each reviewed our trip video separately and together numerous times since coming home. It is if we do not want the trip to be over. To say that it exceeded our expectations is an understa

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an ice-strengthened ship and an icebreaker ship?

An ice-strengthened ship is a ship made of steel. These ships are made to get through the ice at Antarctica and the Arctic. Nowadays, most of the ships that cruise to Antarctica and the Arctic are ice-strengthened ships. Ortelius and Plancius ar

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What kind of clothing should I take during my expedition cruise?

We require you to bring a waterproof jacket and pants (minimum 15,000mm rating) for Zodiac cruises to shore. You will also need high rubber boots for trips on Rembrandt van Rijn. Apart from that, our advice is to take warm, windproof, waterproof clo

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Do I have to be really fit to join an expedition?

You must be in good general health, and you should be able to walk several hours per day. The expedition is ship-based and physically not very demanding. Although we spend as much time as possible on shore, you are welcome to remain aboard the ship i

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How do I prepare for my expedition trip?

Our trips can best be described as expedition-style cruises. The emphasis is on viewing wildlife, visiting interesting locations, and participating in activities. For example, we may go to places where there is a good chance of seeing penguins or pol

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How much time do we spend on shore?

That is hard to say. It depends on the weather and constraints of time and distance. Depending on the voyage, you may spend several days aboard the ship, followed by a series of landings, each several hours long. On some cruises, you land two or thre

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Are life jackets provided during the cruises?

Yes, we provide all passengers lightweight life jackets that inflate automatically on contact with the water. It is mandatory to wear these life jackets at all times while cruising in the Zodiac boats.

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About Oceanwide Expeditions


Taking you closer to the heart of the polar regions has been our driving passion at Oceanwide Expeditions for over twenty years. Our knowledgeable cruise leaders, committed staff, and thoroughly outfitted vessels are our way of expressing what we care about most: making your cruise to the Arctic and Antarctic truly unforgettable. When you sail with us, you experience a part of the world that is unlike any other. Mountainous glaciers, snow-swept shores, whales and polar bears and vast colonies of penguins make up this world, and they are all part of the surreal ecosystem you can watch unfold before you on your future Oceanwide expedition.


Providing you a travel experience that inspires (and is inspired by) you, that’s what taking you closer to the heart of the polar regions means to us. We get you away from the vessel and into the action as fast as possible: up to two landings per day in the morning and afternoon, with a fleet of inflatable Zodiacs ready to shuttle you past the ice floes and onto the shore. We keep our programs flexible so that you get the most out of whatever surprises nature has in mind. When you sail with us, the cruise is just the tip of the iceberg. 


So what exactly is beneath the tip of that iceberg? The pioneering spirit, which all travelers to the polar regions (regardless of age and background) have in common. Guiding our expeditions with passion, tapping into the desire for inspiration and beauty, and always taking you closer to the heart of the Arctic and Antarctic – at Oceanwide Expeditions, that is our promise to you. 

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