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Adélie penguins in the Ross Sea - Antarctica

The Adélie penguin population in the Ross Sea is reported to be the highest in 30 years with up to a million Adélie penguin pairs breeding in...

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In Polar Travel, choice of clothing can mean life or death

With temperatures like this, it is vital to be prepared. In fact, it is life threatening if you aren’t. My first impulse, when planning my journey...

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Colleen Reed
Superb Arctic adventure
by Colleen Reed on The Arctic

Our group spent seven days around the Arctic Circle and the crew and were extremely helpful. The captain guided the ship so close to the polar bears when we were extremely lucky to see five bears in one place...

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gilles galland
by gilles galland on The Arctic

voyage magnifique staff hyper competant un grand merci a jordi de la part d'annie il comprendra!!

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Kerstin Berger

This journey was really save and very well organized. I already booked my next trip to antarctic out of this experience! Nature and animals really respected. Atmosphere on board very good (feeling free on one...

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Mario Nonaka
Wildlife of Spitsbergen
by Mario Nonaka on The Arctic

This trip was the best wildlife trip ever! We saw many polar bears, at one time 5 at once!!! But we saw also walruses, bearded seals, fin whales, Svalbard reindeer and polar foxes. And of course tons of birds...

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D A Boekhout

This is part of the thank you letter all passengers wrote to the crew of the RVR-23 after a wonderful trip to Thule: This trip ticked all of the boxes: birds and nature, once in a lifetime, special interest/explorer/historical,...

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Alan Linsdell

We had a great trip with an excellent guide & crew. We found all of the species on my list, though the Blue Whale was a long way off. The Nooderlicht was good fun, the photos of it in drift ice and the mid-night...

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