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S/V ‘Rembrandt Van Rijn’ was built as a herring lugger early last century. The vessel was rebuilt as a three-mast passenger sailing schooner in he Netherlands in 1994 and sailed in Spitsbergen (1994 – 1996) and in Galápagos (1998 - 2001). The vessel underwent a complete rebuilding and refurbishment program until 2011. The communication and navigation equipment has been completely renewed according to the latest SOLAS regulations.

Perfect for expedition cruising among small islands

The ship is well suited for expedition cruising among small islands and offer good open deck viewing areas, also when under sail. The 2 inflatable rubber crafts (zodiacs) enable landing and wildlife viewing opportunities in otherwise inaccessible areas. 

Comfort and Character

The Rembrandt van Rijn measures 56 meters in length (168 ft.), 7 meters in width and has a draft of 2,5 meters. The maximum speed on engines is 9 knots. It has an experienced crew of 12 persons on board including 2 tour guides. The ship can accommodate a maximum of 33 passengers in 16 cabins. 1 Triple Private cabin (with shower and toilet and porthole), 6 Twin Private Inside cabins (with shower and toilet, no porthole), 9 Twin Private cabins (with shower and toilet and porthole).

Age range & Nationality onboard

Passengers on a typical voyage range from their 30s to their 80s - with a majority usually from 45 - 65, but a little younger on the Rembrandt van Rijn, between 30 - 55. Our expeditions attract independent-minded travellers from around the world. They are characterised by a strong interest in exploring remote regions. The camaraderie and spirit that develops aboard is an important part of the expedition experience. Many departures have several nationalities on board.

Fun passengers on board s/v Rembrandt van Rijn


Three simple but good meals of international cuisine per day are served buffet style in the restaurant and is prepared by our cook.

Dress code

In keeping with our expeditions atmosphere, dress on board is informal. Bring casual and comfortable clothing for all activities. Keep in mind that much of the spectacular scenery can be appreciated from deck, which can be slippery. Bring sturdy shoes with no-slip soles and make sure the parka is never far away in case of the call "Whales!" comes over the loudspeaker and you have to dash outside. Wear layers since it is comfortably warm aboard the ship - and often cold on deck.

Relaxing is also a possibility

Electric Current

The electrical supply aboard the ship is 220 volt 50hz. Electrical outlets are standard European with two thick round pins. U.S. passengers may need a 220v/110v converter.

Excursions & Landings

Every day there will be excursions on land, weather and ice permitting. The landings will take three to six hours per day over untracked area. According to circumstances (the weather, the ice-situation or the passengers´ wishes) the program can sometimes be adjusted. Ample time will be devoted to wildlife, vegetation, geography and history.


The customary gratuity to the ship's crew and expedition leader is made as a blanket contribution at the end of the voyage. Tipping is a very personal matter and the amount you wish to give is at your discretion. We suggest to give cash in Euros, US Dollars or Danish kroner.

Non-smoking policy

On board our vessels we have a non-smoking policy. It is prohibited to smoke inside the ship. You can smoke in designated ares. Please respect the wishes of non-smokers.

The crew

The crew of the ´Rembrandt van Rijn´ consists of  9 experienced crew and 2 expedition guides and a cook. The sailors are in charge during sailing and will bring us ashore. 

Giving a helping hand

Your physical condition

You must be in good general health and you should be able to walk several hours per day. The expedition is ship-based and physically not very demanding. Although we spend as much time as possible ashore, you are welcome to remain aboard the ship if you like. To join most excursions, you must be able to get up and down the ladder from the ship to the water level to board the Zodiacs. Staff will assist you in and out of the boats. This will become progressively easier with practice. Ashore it can be slippery and rocky. You are travelling in remote areas without access to sophisticated medical facilities, so you must not join this expedition if you have a life-threatening condition, or need daily medical treatment.

Ideal for

  • Sailing in the Greenland fjords
  • For the avid sailor
  • Spotting whales
  • Exploring remote locations


Passengers:33 in 16 cabins

Staff & crew:12

Length:56 meters (168 ft)

Breadth:6,65 meters (22,9 ft)

Draft:2,8 meters (8 ft)

Ice class:The bow of the vessel is enforced and is therefore suitable to sail in the Greenlandic waters.

Displacement:435 tonnes

Propulsion:2 cummins engines together 550 KW

Speed:9 knots maximum

Deck plans and downloads

Rembrandt van Rijn, ship details (.pdf) Rembrandt van Rijn, deck plan (.pdf)

Cabins & public areas

Triple Private Porthole
Twin Private Inside
Twin Private Porthole

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