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Arctic and a Coffee: Interview with a Polar Sailing Captain

Some people travel to the Arctic for the polar bears and seabirds, others for all those ice-spackled bays and peaks dusted with snow no hand...

OEX Launches 25th Birthday Free Cruise Contest

16.01.2019. On January 16, Oceanwide Expedition kicked off its first quarter century with an exciting new free polar cruise contest.

Arctic vs. Antarctica: A Traveler’s Guide [Infographic]

Sunrises vs. sunsets, coffee vs. tea, Wonder Woman vs. Superman. The world contains a virtually limitless supply of things to compare, contrast,...

Seven Things to Do around Ushuaia

We often recommend arriving early to Ushuaia before embarking on an Antarctica cruise, and for good reason: Ushuaia, on top of being the southernmost...

Antarctica in Pictures: Photos from 2018

Until you join us in Antarctica yourself, enjoy these recent photos from the past year.

The Wonderful Weddell Sea: Places, Pics, and Impressions

When talking about Antarctica, it’s easy to slip into familiar verbiage: amazing, astounding, extraordinary, exceptional. But though most...

Arctic Invaders: Interview with a Marine Ecotoxicologist

Despite all we read about the warming planet, the polar species struggling to keep up, and the hive of business interests unrepentantly trying...

Clean Seas, Please: AECO, UNEP, and the Clean Seas Campaign

In Robert Frost’s famous prophesying poem, Fire and Ice, the New England poet speculates as to how the world will end. Will it be by fire or...

Port Lockroy: History, Post Office, and Resident Penguins

Sometimes it’s so easy to focus on all the beautiful coastlines, fjords, and other natural wonders of Antarctica that we overlook the man-made...

Experience the Arctic Polar Night

29.11.2018. As of late November, the polar night began darkening the skies of Northern Norway. Right now there is no sunrise in Tromsø.

The Perks of Polar Kayaking

Though our focus is always providing our passengers maximum possible polar shore time, sometimes off-shore time is just as important. For this,...

Polar Cuisine in Pictures

Just because you’re traveling in some of the planet’s least civilized locations doesn’t mean your cuisine has to be barbaric.

PLA24-18, trip log, Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula

Our first landing of the day, and indeed of the trip, was Carcass Island, owned and operated by Rob and Lorraine McGill. The island sits in the...

OTL27-19, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp

Happy New Year! 2019 welcomed us with calm seas, blue skies, fantastic colours and stunning landscape wrapped all around the ship. In the early...

OTL26-19, trip log, Antarctica, Basecamp

We had a busy morning following breakfast, first as Expedition Leader Tobias presented the mandatory zodiac safety briefing and IAATO regulations...

PLA23-18, trip log, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctic Peninsula

We awoke to calm seas and sunshine today, and most of us headed on deck to take in the views of the approaching Falkland Islands! We sailed through...

OTL25-19, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula with South Shetland Islands

To prepare for the upcoming excursions we went through more briefings about zodiac safety and how to be a good tourist in Antarctica. Then we...

OTL24-18, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp

After a successful zodiac cruise, we sailed to Cuverville Island aiming to land. However, this plan was de-stroyed by the ice; ice is nice but...

PLA22-18, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula with South Shetland Islands

Wow! Wow! that was the reaction of passengers when they awoke and viewed the incredible panorama in front of them. Sun shining brightly in the...

OTL23-18, trip log, Weddell Sea – in search of the Emperor Penguin incl. helicopters

The first full day onboard Ortelius welcomed passengers and crew with moderate winds – at least in terms of the Drake Passage after a rolling...

PLA21-18, trip log, Falklandinseln, Südgeorgien, Antarktische Halbinsel

Nach dem tollen Mittagsmenü von Chefkoch Ralf hielten manche ein kleines Nickerchen; warum auch nicht! Eine effektive Waffe gegen die Seekrankheit.