The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) is a non-profit trade association. Monies earned through the industry’s participation in the annual DEMA Trade Show, along with sponsorships, and from DEMA Memberships, fund all of the activities and expenses of the association. Unlike for-profit organizations which typically raise money at trade or consumer shows or events and funnel it AWAY from the diving industry, DEMA channels proceeds earned TOWARD the diving industry including market and industry research, legislative issues, disaster assistance, marketing and PR programs, and other industry efforts, all for the benefit of DEMA Members. 

Business and trade associations like DEMA have several functions within the recreational diving industry. DEMA provides value to its members by seeking out ways to collaborate from within the Industry and though business outreach; DEMA promotes recreational scuba diving and snorkeling through PR activities, delivers educational programs for members and consumers, lobbies on behalf of the diving industry, and many other functions. 

Oceanwide Expeditions is a member of DEMA and complies with guidelines and regulations set by the organisation.