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Jo Bentley
von Jo Bentley auf Arktis

Seven night cruise arranged through Naturetrek. Despite some varied weather (only to be expected in January) the crew and leaders ensured that we enjoyed an excellent experience. We had great views of the whales...

  • Orcas, Humpbacks and Northern Lights
André Mathieu
von André Mathieu auf Antarktis

I have a Gluten free diet and I am allergic to black pepper. I had several gluten free options for each meal and they took the black pepper out of the kitchen for the duration of the trip. My really special thanks...

Susanne Dinten
von Susanne Dinten auf Antarktis

Wir haben schon sehr viel von unserer wunderschönen Erde gesehen. Was wir auf dieser traumhaften Reise kennen lernen durfte, war unglaublich. Die super gute Reiseleitung unter Ali war herrlich. Dazu die...

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Beckianne Kilkenny
von Beckianne Kilkenny auf Antarktis

Our trip was so successful it felt as if we might be under some sort of spell of providential protection and luck. Every landing occurred in calm waters with favorable weather and abundant wildlife. We were able...

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Tracie Benson
von Tracie Benson auf Antarktis

I have traveled all over the world and have taken many cruises and many guided trips. This crew was the most organized and most enthusiastic crew I have ever met. The crew was phenomenal in every way. The crew...

Linda Krugman
von Linda Krugman auf Antarktis

This 18-day expedition was an amazing, life-changing experience. Everything about it was more than I could have ever expected. The entire crew and expedition team were fantastic, the educational talks were very...

Austin deButts
von Austin deButts auf Antarktis

Could not have imagined a better experience visiting Antarctica. We were very fortunate to be blessed with good weather but even more fortunate to have such a great Oceanwide crew that was professional and passionate....

Dr. Christian Hertel
von Dr. Christian Hertel auf Antarktis

Diese Reise war für mich in jeglicher Hinsicht excellent. Das ist natürlich zum einen das Erlebnis Antarktis als solches mit seiner ganzen Flora und Fauna, aber zum anderen auch alles "drum herum",...

Kate Rowe
von Kate Rowe auf Antarktis

The ship, the food, THE CREW, the expertise, the activities, the polar plunge, THE ENVIRONMENT, all together made me right sized and humble. Left with a great respect and awareness of our wondrous planet and...