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Ralitza Gueorguieva
por Ralitza Gueorguieva sobre Antártida

This trip was a wonderful, unforgettable experience for our family ! We enjoyed the incredible wildlife and nature, the zodiac excursions, the lectures, the meals, and the excellent atmosphere created by the...

Aeri Park
por Aeri Park sobre Antártida

This trip far exceeded my expectations! The trip was well organized and superbly executed by the staff at Oceanwide team. The itinerary was fantastic and daily activities were getting better every day. It was...

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Wei Gu
por Wei Gu sobre Antártida

10 of us cruised with MV Plancius (Antarctica Peninsula Base Camp) Dec 18-29 2017 and it was a fantastic experience and the whole experience was beyond all our expectations. Cozy room with sufficient storage...

Clemens Kok
por Clemens Kok sobre Antártida

A really wonderful trip to the most beautiful and impressive continent!! All on board the ship were very professional: Crew, on board hotelstaff and expeditionstaff. On board we enjoyed all the lectures expeditionstaff...

julie gregory
por julie gregory sobre Antártida

Going to Antarctica had been on my bucket list for a long time, when we realised that we could also dive there it was a dream come true. Antarctica was everything we hoped it would be and more. We were able to...

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giuliano ferri
por giuliano ferri sobre Antártida

Great and fantastic expedition, perfectly organized. Everything was excellent: the crew, the staff, the restaurant, the organiziation. and the guests.

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Shan Jiang
por Shan Jiang sobre Antártida

In general I think I am super lucky, nice staff, wonderfual weather and plenty of wild lifes and great landscape to enjoy. Thank you for everything and see you next time! I will definitely be back. ;-)))))

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Renate Huber
por Renate Huber sobre Antártida

This voyage is unforgettable. The beautiful land- scape with the animal world, especially the adorable though rather smelly Penguins are so cute.... The humour, the very friendly and knowledgeable staff, especially...

Hugo Zuiderent
por Hugo Zuiderent sobre Antártida

A great cruise with many activities.

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