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Valoración general basada en 1.051 votos





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por Sieglinde Spranger
We filled out the questionnaire.
por Herbert Ballat
Die Reise hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt
Pipa Low excellent
I just can not say enough good things about this trip, how I am satisfied and how I love it. The places we have been, the activities, the diligent, hard-working crew and Expedition team guides. It's a once in a lifetime trip, the feeling and memory will last forever and become my history. Thanks Oceanwide for organizing a special "Beyond the Polar Circle" itinerary like this. It's an unique experience, wonderful and spectacular! Thanks every crew member and every Expedition Team member who has tried their best effort to make all the good things happen and has accompany us the whole trip, thank for the good memory they have left us.
I have been to many amazing places, quite a few in the 'trip of a lifetime' category. But this one tops all of them. This truely was a trip of a lifetime. Pippa and her team did an amazing job taking us to remote places to see extraordinary wildlife. At one point we were the southern most ship on the planet! That is hard to beat, more than 71 Deg south on the Wiklins Ice Shelf. I knew it would be a good trip, but I was not expecting it to be THIS good. It was also full of landings, zodiac trips and lectures. The food was excellent and service could not be faulted. I have already put down to do another trip on Hondius in 2026.
por Edward Harris
Thanks to Oceanwide and its fantastic crew. We were able to do numerous dives and landings due to the experience of the leadership on board.
Our trip exceeded any expectations we could have imagined. The ship and all crew onboard were superb, the food was great and we had so many zodiac cruises and landings which enabled us to spend time with the wildlife in the natural environment.
por Seok Yee Chan
This trip exceeded all expectations in generous amounts. While not under our direct control, the choices made by the Expedition Leader Pippa and the Bridge worked out 110% well. No events were cancelled as we enjoyed calm waters and clear skies. All the expected wildlife were seen by us in ample opportunities. Food on board Hondius surpassed our needs. Talks were also informative and helpful. The team deserves a great applause and appreciation.
What an incredible trip, a beautiful route, many discoveries and all under the guidance of a TOP crew. The incredible beauty, the weather, the activities and the enthusiastic team made dt an unforgettable adventure for me
por Lyn Williams

This was a brilliant trip. Very much an expedition and not a cruise!

The expedition leader, Sara, was outstanding. Her commitment to this part of the world, and its inhabitants, was evident in all she did. She was determined to give the guests on the trip the best possible experience and to make every possible landing, zodiac cruise and wildlife watch as productive and informative as possible. An excellent role model.

The expedition crew were terrific. A highly skilled group of people with vast knowledge and an enthusiasm to share this. The quality of the lectures was excellent and the subject matter varied. The crew were approachable and friendly, with seemingly boundless energy.

The ship is very comfortable and the accommodation excellent. The food was of a very high standard and plentiful, with a wide choice of really interesting dished, with fresh fruit, bread and pastries available every day. The waiting staff were exceptional; very efficient and friendly. The experience of the delicious food was enhanced by their approach.

The wildlife and scenery were breathtaking. We saw 7 different penguin species, 4 types of seal, humpback and orca whales and a huge variety of sea birds. The icebergs were like works of art. The islands visited were all hugely interesting in different respects, some with a variety of flora, others with ice and snow. Sailing the ocean was a fabulous experience.

Thank you to all involved for this amazing trip.

por Ernesto Diaz-Ordaz
Safety, food, lectures and wine prices were outstanding.
por John Risickella
This was an amazing expedition! The Antarctic is a special and unique area of the earth, for sure. The environment both sea and land was wonderful, and the Plancius crew and Oceanwide staff were experts at providing the guests the ultimate experience this fantastic place! The closeness of the wildlife was a wonder, and never failed to amaze - it was truly life changing! The crew and staff were incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in the ways of the sea and the magic of the Antarctic peninsula. The skill with which the crew and staff guided the guests through this thoroughly unique and magical place cannot be praised enough! This was an adventure that is almost beyond words to explain! My highest compliment is that this was my second expedition on the Plancius, and will not be my last! I look forward to my next adventure! Possibly on one of the Plancius expeditions in the northern hemisphere!
por Jane Burridge
An amazing combination of flexible and inspired planning from the expedition team gave us exceptional weather conditions and a feast of wildlife, landscape and icescape... Unforgettable
por Nick La Gije

The crew was amazing and did all their best to give us the time of our lives! And they did. We have seen some epic wildlife and amazing scenery. Rooms are topnoch, just as the food. I will come back!

por Nilakshi Louzado
Absolutely superb organisation of activities, landings, lectures and workshops