Hiking on Ascension Island

Trek around one of the South Atlantic’s most out-of-the-way islands

Hiking on Ascension Island

Región: Antártida

Destinos: Isla Ascensión

Ascension Island and hiking halfway between the horns

When you visit Ascension Island, you’re not only traveling among the planet’s most isolated island system, you are also in a location that offers some fine mountainside views – especially if you appreciate expansive panoramas of the South Atlantic.

Ascension Island is located about halfway between the horn of Africa and the horn of South America, its highest peak stands 859 meters tall (2,818 feet), and its healthy volume of rain keeps much of the tropical landscape lush and gardenlike.

There are hiking opportunities on Green Mountain in particular that, if our landing time allows it, provide an invigorating addition to any Ascension Island adventure.

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Fecha del crucero:

15 abr. - 24 abr., 2022


1950 USD