Gemiddelde beoordeling gebaseerd op 985 reviews
Gemiddelde beoordeling gebaseerd op 985 reviews





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door Alison Newman
What a trip, very helpful and knowledgeable guides, “hotel” staff all very pleasant. Food was excellent, lots of salads, fruit, fish etc. Staff were safety conscious. Exceeded all my expectations, the wildlife, the dramatic scenery,,the staff , the food etc. Would highly recommend the tri
My trip on Hondius was fabulous! Every single day there was something amazing to see or learn about. The staff was incredible, friendly, knowledgeable, passionate, and kept us safe. I loved seeing all the wildlife on our landings and from the zodiac cruises. The Expedition Team and the Hondius crew helped to create the memory of a lifetime!
It was an amazing tour. For the wildlife we experienced, the stunning nature we saw, we were so lucky with the weather. And definitely, also the crew and guides of Oceanside Experience had such a strong contribution to this amazing experience. So passionate, so attentive, so nice. And it was so good that we chose the basecamp concept. The mountaineering, the kayaking, it allowed us to explore this stunning end of the world even more. And without a doubt, we would have loved to have even more of the activities...
door Bruce Acton
Melanie and I had the most wonderful Antarctic experience with 95 of our now closest friends. The crew, the guides, and hotel staff all provide exception service to each and every guest. The wildlife and scenery were mindboggling.
door Ellis Jansen
This trip has exceeded all our expectations: we had fantastic Arctic weather (though a big rough sea at some days), we saw so much wildlife and the ship, its crew and all the facilities were amazing. Outside it just looked like a decor of an unbelievable wilde life film. Ice bergs everywhere, birds, penguins, whales, seals: they were all there and they were with many. An unforgettable journey, an experience you will never forget. Our expedition leader made all the right choices, our guides were knowing and unbelievably enthusiastic. Yes, these trips are quite expensive, but you forget about that as soon as the ships sails out of Ushuaia....
Organisation, Information, Presentations, Zodiac Tours and food supply were outstanding
door Blanca Ramos Gonzalez
After quite some research we decided to join Oceanwide expeditions for the Antarctic experience. It was the best choice ever, I cannot find any faults on this trip. The Hondius ship is amazing, confortable, the atention, the food and all the crew espectacular. In this trip, we had very good weather most of the time which it was an add on. Our team leader and all our guides were very attentive and knowledgeable telling us many interesting facts and leading us to see amazing sites and a huge amount of whildlife on all the zodiac outings. Every day is full of activities to keep you very busy and entertained. The whole vibe of the trip was great. Thanks for such a good experience.
door N. Morskate
With the trip reversed due to weather conditions we had the luck to have smooth sailing and fantastic landings at various great nature spots.
We had the most amazing trip we had to Antarctica! All of the staff onboard ensures you have the most splendid trip. The conditions onboard are indeed excellent - great food and service all the way. The guides are very knowledgeable and friendly - and great at socializing during the trip. We were very fortunate with the weather - which is great on this trip as they have so many activities planned for you! Great combination of landings, zodiac trips as well as more adventure type of activities: kayaking, mountaineering, camping and so forth. You feel very safe during all activities. We can highly recommend travelling with Oceanwide - once in a lifetime experience made perfect!
door Mazal Hamdi
I was on a waiting list, and a week before the departure I got my spot. It was the most interesting journey. The twin bed room was excellent, and I got a great roommate. The crew and staff were so welcoming. Sarah, the expedition leader made the trip for me, with her knowledge, compassion, and caring. I wished I had signed up for the night camping. Most of the lectures were interesting, although it was hard to understand some of the speakers. The food was very good. I wish you could suggest a few vendors in Ushuaia that rent out clothing and equipment.
door Caroline Thompson
I highly recommend Oceanwide, the expedition was astounding, from my first steps onto the ship, to my last All the teams onboard are so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable they immediately put you at ease and cannot do enough to ensure you have an awesome experience The Antarctic Peninsula is absolutely stunning, the white continent unspoilt, pristine and gorgeous, I just stood in awe and wonder totally speechless The Expedition team do everything and more to ensure you get to see all the wildlife in their natural environment but also keeping a distance so as not to disturb nature at it best This was truly a remarkable experience and worth every penny Thank you Oceanwide
door M-K Russell
THIS TRIP WAS AMAZING! The Oceanwide team blew my expectations out of the water. I knew I would be going to Antarctica, but I didn't know I would be met with an expedition team that was knowledgeable, hospitable, kind, and curious. My trip was made one million times better all thanks to the Oceanwide team.
door Gill Reid
So mush to see, so much to learn from the excellent guides, plenty of sea watching to bird 8 penguin species, 5 albatross, 13 petrel species, 2 prions and 2 shearwaters. Orca, fin,sei,humpback and bottle nosed whale. Incredible and amazing scenery, good off ship walks and zodiac cruises. Brilliant thank you! Food great on Ship as well!!
door Louise & Bruce Stobo
Seeing our small ship dwarfed by bigger cruise liners at the Port of Ushuaia lent some foreboding to our cruise. We could not have been more wrong! Plancius was the perfect ship. Comfortable with ample room for just 105 passengers. The Expedition guides were outstanding in their knowledge and passion for the Antarctic which they shared with us at evening briefings. The house staff were professional and congenial and the meals were varied and delicious. To be able to partake in all the onshore activities was a highlight due to the small number of passengers. A lifetime of memories!
door paul scarborough
Our second tour on mv Hondius What makes it so special are the Oceanwide staff.Everyone of them makes sure you have the best trip ever. Expedition guides, superbly managed by Sara, are friendly and keen to help and share their knowledge. The hospitality staff are simply the best I've ever encountered A cliche I know but it was the trip of a lifetime ,incredible scenery and wildlife And visited places I never thought I would see. Wiould definitely recommend to anyone