Gemiddelde beoordeling gebaseerd op 1.004 reviews
Gemiddelde beoordeling gebaseerd op 1.004 reviews





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door Brenda Chee
This trip far exceeded my expectations and I had an incredible experience! The crew's passion and excellent service truly stood out, and their commitment to safety reassured me throughout the journey. Highly recommend this adventure!
door Kris Verhavert
It was a amazing voyage
door Sandra R.
This trip was a dream for my whole life and, when the opportunity came to go, I wondered if it could possibly add more to my understanding of these areas and the wildlife than I've absorbed from years of reading books and watching documentaries. The answer is a resounding yes. Each day brought experiences, sights, wildlife observations, intelligent presentations and clear information briefings that together made a life changing and life lasting affect, for me. Every member of the expedition team were experienced, well informed, engaging and efficient in their duties at all time. This professional approach was balanced with fun, when the occasion offered. The ship and every member of its excellent crew ensured we were very comfortable and well cared for at all times. The food was excellent, varied and was adapted to special diets without fuss. To others wanting to really engage with the wonders of Antarctica, consider this expedition.
Empfehlenswert, ausgezeichnete Betreuung und herrliche Landschaften mit vielfältiger Tierwelt
door Gabrielle Deimeke
I wasn't sure what the experience would be like, but I'm so glad I booked with Oceanwide. The trip felt like a real exploration of the scenery and wildlife in Antarctica, and the crew helped make it an exciting and informative adventure. An incredible trip of a lifetime!
From beginning to end, this expedition was full of excitement and wonder. You truly need to experience the wildlife yourself to believe it is real. Whilst we had many alterations to our itinerary due to weather and bird flu, I believe we got to experience the best that was available to us. The bird flu has wreaked havoc with the wildlife, and I'm sure once this is under control, the experiences will again run mostly to plan. An expedition is the way to go, this was no ordinary cruise. Go in with an open mind, and you will be rewarded. I definitely wish to return again one day!
The trip when perfectly well, I was a bit afraid of the Drake Passage but with the medicine I had + the one you provided it was fine, mountaineering and kayaking activities were awesome, conferences and photo workshop were very interesting, the food was very good, staff was great, thank you for everything!!
door Steve Rickman
This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Everything was so well run. The crew and staff worked so hard to make this experience so special. I will never forget it.
door Belinda-Jane Orwin
Highly recommend this 13 day Basecamp trip. We saw such a variety of wildlife, got to do every available activity (camping, kayaking, mountaineering, showshoeing, landings, zodiacs, onboard lectures regarding wildlife, Antarctic safety, photography lectures, history of antarctica and more
Amazing trip on Plancius with a highly professionnal team wether we consider the captain, the cleaning lady, the guides, the cooks and hotel staff in a remote and stunning environnement. Landscapes, weather/ambiance as it changes fast, wildlife...The whole combination is unique !
door Steph Foraker
This was a dream trip for me and the wildlife, scenery, and remote stark beauty did not disappoint. The Expedition leader and guides were incredible! They shared so freely their great gifts of knowledge and respect for the earth and beings of it. Eduardo, you are the bomb. Thank you, Regis, Koen, Ilke, Helene, Koen, Michael, Tom! I most enjoyed that I felt so fully immersed in the magical, pristine, awe-inspiring places of Antarctica and the remote southern ocean islands we visited. The wildlife was fantastic, the penguin breeding colony numbers staggering, the seabirds so cool. The other birders I met on the trip were so nice and what fun seeing what new would show up each day. We were also lucky to have very good weather! This was a hugely expensive venture for me but it was a once in a lifetime trip, not to be missed. If you do this trip, go with few expectations, an open mind and heart, and just be in it. I like getting lost in a good book, but this was the real deal for 3 weeks. I am changed, upgraded, in the best ways.
door Stefan Klemic
Lovely trip and well done by all the staff, they did a great job!
door Brett Rubin
We had absolutely the beat expedition leader in Chris. His knowledge of the landing sites was fantastic. We had extremely poor weather to start our expedition so Chris and the Captain flipped our voyage. Weather prevented us from making some landings but we were able to do ship cruising instead of Zodiac cruising, but safety is primary and you do what the Weather, wind and swell, allow you to do. Ours was a 19 night voyage and outside of the lectures and hopefully twice daily excursions, the evenings are boring. Definitely bring something to read or watch cause I didn't. Overall, this was a fantastic experience and trip, the only thing missing was my wife.
absolutely marvellous and completel overwhelming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
door Phil Woollen
I'd been planning this trip since 1982 when I should have been going down to join the British Antarctic Survey. Events in the Falklands stopped that but I've been nurturing a wish to visit this stunning environment ever since and since my retirement I started planning. I wasn't disappointed the trip on the Plancius was everything I'd hope for and more. Stunning landscapes, fabulous wildlife, fantastic crew and guides, excellent food and a great group of like minded passengers. I'm already thinking about my next trip!