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von Matthew Pepperdine
The trip really surpassed my already-high-expectations. The boat was lovely (who needs a 5* cruise ship??), all of the staff and guides were exceptional, and the food was delicious. I didn’t expect to have such good meals in such a remote place. All of the activities went ahead and there were lots of lectures/presentations to keep everyone entertained in the evenings. The boat was quite hot and stuffy on the first and last day into Ushuaia but a comfortable temperature the rest of the trip

The staff members were amazing. They were friendly, knowledgeable and seemed to really care about their jobs and the people they work with. The food was ok, but that s because the spices and herbs used were not my personal preference. The people working in the food service area were very nice, cheerful and helpful. I know you heard this, but people need to be advised a little more sternly that hiking in the tussocks can be very difficult. People tend to over estimate their abilities. Great trip!

von Andrea Wu
Awesome experience! Got graced with good weather for the entire trip, so I got to do all the activities I wanted to do (mountaineering, kayaking, camping, and polar plunge - all the ones offered). Super friendly and knowledgeable guides and crew, fantastic and attentive staff. Delicious meals, never felt hungry, loved it!
von Jan Bagnall
This was an amazing trip from start to finish. The team on board welcomed you like family. Everyone knew our names so quickly. The Leader Pippa used her experience to switch the trip around and by doing it in reverse we managed to chase the good weather. The crossing the circle was epic, the staff put on a great party for us, the ice bergs simply stunning, cruising close to wildlife in our zodiacs, walking to penguin colonies and seeing albatross was wonderful. The knowledge of the guides and the lectures we received was exceptional. The food amazing.
von Franz Scherubl
Hard to imagine a better trip anywhere. The Expedition Staff were outstanding, the ship's crew were amazing, the food was very good. We were looked after in the best possible way from the time we stepped aboard to the morning we disembarked.
The expedition team and entire crew were diligent to optimize opportunities around the weather so that not one Zodiac experience was cancelled, not only in spite of the fall weather but also with a medieval.
von Lucinda Roenicke
The 23 day trip on the Hondius was better than I ever could have imagined. Every day was filled with views, wildlife and wonderful presentations. The team (guides, crew, service, etc) were all friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The ship was extremely comfortable, the food delicious and plentiful and the excursions were fun and informative. The lead guide, Pippa, checked weather daily and made educated decisions with the captain on where we should head. Everyday we were not at sea we had an excursion! The guides were all well educated and gave presentation on history, animals, geology and more. It was great learning about what we were seeing. I highly recommend this trip, Oceanwide and The Hondius !
von Thomas Roenicke
This trip was beyond out expectations - from crew to guides to activities and itinerary
De reis met de Hondius van Oceanwide is een echte aanrader. Het personeel en de staff doen er alles aan om het naar je zin te maken. Het was een onvergetelijke reis. Als je van plan bent om deze reis te maken is Oceanwide wel een van de beste.
Embarking on an Oceanwide Expeditions journey to the Antarctic Circle is nothing short of a transformative experience. The pristine beauty of the icy realm is matched only by the warmth and expertise of the Oceanwide crew, who ensure every moment is filled with awe and education. From the majestic icebergs rising like sculptures to the playful wildlife that greets you at every turn, the expedition feels like a true exploration into the last great wilderness on Earth. The ship, a comfortable and sturdy vessel, becomes a home away from home, where every meal is a delight and every cabin a cozy retreat after days filled with adventure. The guides are not just knowledgeable; they are passionate storytellers who bring the history and science of this remote place to life. Whether it’s witnessing a humpback whale breaching beside the ship or hiking to a vantage point for a breathtaking panorama, the memories made here are indelible. Oceanwide Expeditions doesn’t just take you to Antarctica; they immerse you in it, offering a once-in-a-lifetime trip that’s as educational as it is exhilarating. It’s a journey that changes you forever.
von A. Sztrimbely
I took a Deep South (Antarctic Circle) Expedition with Oceanwide earlier this year and the experience could not have been better! Not only did we have a dream trip in terms of weather, activities and wildlife spotting - making numerous stops and zodiac trips every day and meeting all of our trip objectives thanks to the amazing work of the Captain and Expedition Team, who continually altered our plans to make sure the ship was in the best position to take advantage of the conditions - but the entire atmosphere and energy on the boat was amazingly welcoming and fun. I just have to highlight how incredible the entire Oceanwide staff/crew is. Not only are they super knowledgeable, they are incredibly friendly. Everyone, from the guides to the bridge team to the housekeeping and galley staff, is happy to welcome you on board and into the Plancius/Oceanwide family. The kitchen staff knew all of our names by day 2! And they were amazing at dealing with dietary restrictions and preferences. The guides and bridge staff were likewise happy to mingle, chat and answer any questions (even ones for which they had to look up the answers)! A wonderful experience overall!

Everything about this ship and the company as about saving money. From rotating limited staff to substandard food. The ship operates for the benefit of the company and certainly not the passengers. Everything is outdated from their equipment to their operating procedures. No polar plunge but a poorly organised polar wade. Limited indoor recreational space for pax. Poor scenic visibility from lounges. Limited drying space after shore excursions and sloppy attention to security details. Boarding zodiacs from a long loosely secured set of stairs made embarking and disembarking zodiacs unnecessarily dangerous. Cabin staff and waitstaff excellent but unsupported. Costumer contact staff inconsistent in their oft times resentful responses.

von Jodi Brown
My 11-day Antarctic expedition was outstanding from start to finish. The staff were knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic, and professional. The food was delicious. The M/V Plancius was quiet, well-appointed, and just the right size. The crew did an amazing job making sure we experienced as much as possible whenever possible, and I would absolutely take this trip again and again. My only regret is that I'm not an expert in Antarctic/Arctic wildlife or climate so I can't get a job with Oceanwide as an expedition staff member ;)
von Diana Avila

This sums everything up: on the last day, I went to take a picture with the captain. He then asked me how much I liked the trip and out of nowhere I started crying!! That was all the answer I could give him... tears of joy! it was absolutely amazing!!!

von Shirley Sutton
The perfect ship (Plancius!) The perfect staff and crew! Service was excellent, the crew's commitment to safety measures cannot be over emphasized, commitment to keeping Antarctica pristine is beyond admirable. There several options for Antarctic cruises, but the Basecamp tour was perfection. This was no drive-by cruise! Opportunities twice a day for landings, Zodiac cruises, kayaking, snowshoeing, mountaineering and even overnight camping! Wildlife abounds! Humpback whales that visit the ship! Penguins diving off icebergs! Leopard seals yawing in your face! It is an understatement to say that this was the trip of a lifetime.