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HDS25-24, trip log, Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctica

Magellanic penguins are quite small, peculiar, constantly waddling and assisting themselves with their wings.

PLA24-23, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

As we passed a small rocky island, we saw three sleeping Weddell seals on top. It was a beautiful day to paddle through the icebergs on the

OTL25-24, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

The landscape was more beautiful than we could have imagined. A spectacular glacier surrounded our camping site. After some ice calving and

HDS24-23, trip log, Antarctica - Discovery and learning voyage

Our guides took us on a short Zodiac cruise. Manoeuvring between icebergs, we tried to capture all this beauty in the form of photographs.

OTL24-23, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

The mountaineering team summited the stunning Jabet Peak, dominating the bay at over 500m above sea level.

PLA23-23, trip log, Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctica

400,000 King Penguins, tens-of-thousands of fur seals and thousands of elephant seals all jostling for space – a cacophony of sound and smel

HDS23-23, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

The afternoon expedition unfolded at Danco Island, offering another opportunity to immerse in the wonders of Antarctica.

OTL23-23, trip log, Weddell Sea, In search of the Emperor penguin incl. helicopters

As we got closer, we could hear a cacophony of calls from the huge amount of fluffy grey chicks, which were sometimes being answered by the

Oceanwide celebrates 30 years of expedition cruising

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Oceanwide Expeditions. We eagerly anticipate the future with utmost confidence.

HDS22-23, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

Our team made a surprise visit to every Zodiac, offering all the passengers a lovely hot chocolate with or without rum.

PLA22-23, trip log, South Georgia Explorer

We cruised on glassy seas in nearby Elephant Cove and spent time with Elephant Seals, Antarctic Fur Seals, Kelp Gulls and South Georgia Pint

OTL22-23, trip log, Weddell Sea, In search of the Emperor penguin

With a bit of diligent scanning, it turned out there were dozens of Emperor Penguins scattered in small groups all around the ice.

HDS21-23, trip log, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctica

Most of the black-browed albatrosses were already incubating their eggs, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their offspring.

First Snow Hill Island landing of the season

We’re excited to announce we’ve made the first Snow Hill Island landing of the 2023-24 Antarctic season, visiting one of Earth’s largest emp

Circumnavigating Spitsbergen

Our Around Spitsbergen voyage circumnavigates the principal island of the ruggedly beautiful Svalbard archipelago.

The Science of Sustainability: Interview with Nathalie Steins

Can polar travel be made more sustainable? This question was part of a research project by scientist Nathalie Steins, and we were eager to h

What’s so Special about East Spitsbergen?

Though eastern Svalbard does not differ dramatically from the rest of the island group, the itineraries we follow there give you a different

Expedition at its Greatest: Interview with Sara Jenner

We talked to Sara Jenner about how she got into this work, what she loves about polar travel, and why having a home base isn’t on her agenda

HDS13-23, trip log, East Greenland, Scoresby Sund - Aurora Borealis

After a night of Northern lights galore, stretching across the skies all above us and dancing merrily, we awoke to perfect light conditions,

Oceanwide’s First Female Captain: Interview with Miia Holma

Miia Holma captained her first Oceanwide voyage to Svalbard in July. Nothing too exceptional about that until you consider she’s our first f

Wanny Woldstad: First Female Hunter on Svalbard

Wanny Woldstad was the first female trapper on Svalbard, but she preferred to think of herself as simply a trapper