The site of the mountain Arnøyhøgda, surrounded by fjords and popular skiing slopes


Region: Arctic

Destinations: North Norway

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer expedition cruises in Northern Norway. Please see our numerous other voyages that operate in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Picturesque Arnøya

Arnøya, known as Árdni in the local Saami language, measures 276 square km (107 sq miles) and is the 15th largest island in Norway. Arnøyhøgda is the island’s highest peak, standing 1,168 meters (3,832 feet). Arnøya is located in the Skjervøy Municipality of Troms county, an area rich with fjords and verdant Nordic mountains.

Arnøya’s incredible surroundings

A number of dramatically sculpted islands, fjords, and mountains make up the Arnøya background. The islands of Skjervøya and Kågen lie to the southeast, Vannøya to the west, and Laukøya to the east. The fjords Ullsfjorden, Lyngen, and Kvænangen are also to the west, south, and east, respectively, and even farther south of Arnøya stand the snow-capped Lyngen Alps.