A fjord in Northern Norway whose depths make it an excellent place to spot whales, especially sperm whales and orcas


Region: Arctic

Destinations: North Norway

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer expedition cruises in Northern Norway. Please see our numerous other voyages that operate in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Whale-friendly Andfjorden

Andfjorden’s depths reach to about 517 meters (1,696 feet), providing great whale feeding grounds and making Andfjorden among the best places in Northern Norway to embark on a whale-watching voyage. Andfjorden is about 60 km long (37 miles) and has a maximum width of 30 km (19 miles), lying mostly between the islands of Senja and Andøya.

Fjords, islands, and villages around Andfjorden

The fjords of Kvæfjorden, Godfjorden, and Vågsfjorden branch off Andfjorden, extending this beautiful and whale-abundant region. Andfjorden lies on the border of Troms and Nordland counties, and the islands of Krøttøya, Grytøya, and Bjarkøya are located within it. Also, the settlements of Tranøy, Kvæfjord, and Harstad lie along Andfjorden’s banks.