Fishing & Hunting history in the Lofoten

Antarctic Peninsula

Region: Arctic

Destinations: Lofoten

​The first settlers on Lofoten arrived more than 6000 years ago. These Stone Age dwellers lived from fishing and hunting, Lofoten was at that time covered by an extensive pine forest. Although these ancient people did not leave much behind, evidence of their existence can be found in the petroglyphs they carved in the hard Lofoten rock. In Leiknes life-size pictures were carved of a Killer Whale, Elk and birds. Lofoten has been the centre of Cod fisheries for more than a thousand years. Cod migrate from the Barents Sea to the south and gather in Lofoten to spawn. The dried and salted Cod, “Stockfish” or “Bacalao”, was the staple food in Lofoten and was sold all over the world.

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