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15 Stunning Photos for Those Curious About Antarctic Cruises

by Daniel Fox Blog

Though the following photos are all fantastic, they’re no substitute for the real thing.
Antarctic Peninsula

15 Stunning Photos for Those Curious About Antarctic Cruises

It might be impossible to take a bad picture in Antarctica. Everywhere you turn there’s a penguin, seal, whale, or a piece of local history. And when all else fails, there’s always the stunning landscape just waiting to be captured on your camera. Though the following photos are all fantastic, they’re no substitute for the real thing.

1. The Transition Can Be Stunning

Depending on what route you take – most Antarctic cruises embark at the southern tip of Argentina – you’ll get to see your world transition from vibrant green shores to the pristine blues, blacks, and whites of the Antarctic shoreline.

2. Visit Remote Islands

Pick the right cruise and you’ll have the chance to visit some of the most remote islands in the world: the Falklands, South Georgia, and the South Sandwich islands. Despite their distance from the continents, these islands are packed with their own fantastic landscapes, wildlife, and history.

3. Get Photobombed

Be warned, the local wildlife might interrupt your efforts to get some nice pictures of your friends.

4. Be Investigated

Humans aren’t the only animals with a sense of curiosity. Despite the fact that visitors are not allowed to get too close to the wildlife or their breeding grounds, there’s a good chance the locals might waddle over to check you out instead.

5. History Etched into the Mountainsides

This might look like any other glacier-capped mountain, but it is replete with geological secrets.

6. The Cleanest, Clearest Water on Earth

The Antarctic ice sheet, covering a massive 14 million square km, holds about 90% of the world’s fresh water – some of the cleanest H2O on the planet.

7. Standard Operating Procedure

Once you arrive at the Antarctic Continent, your cruise ship will find a sheltered bay to drop anchor. The ship then acts as a home base from which you’ll launch all sorts of activities.

8. Ship to Shore

You’ll get to the shore from your cruise ship via Zodiacs, rubber outboard-engine boats. They’re handy for taking tours along the coastlines and getting closer to the icebergs, where seals and penguins like to surface for a bit of sun.

Pro tip: If you’re bringing camera gear, make sure to also bring some waterproof bags or casings for it – Zodiacs can get a little splashy.

9. Whales!

Whale watching is one of the big draws of Antarctic cruises. Depending on where your cruise visits and the time of year, you’ll have the chance to meet all the major species: right, blue, sei, humpback, minke, fin, sperm, and killer.

10. New Mammalian Friends

Whales have the same curiosity as seals and may get quite close to you.

11. Relics

Sites like Deception Island’s Whalers Bay hold relics of the whaling industry.

12. Also, These Guys

There’s a chance you’ll see penguins on your adventure.

13. Maybe Even More Than One

A lot of penguins.

14. Cont’d

And by “a lot” we actually mean “thousands”.

15. The End. Or Is It?

It’s impossible to take everything in on one Antarctic cruise. Did you go kayaking? Mountaineering? Sleep out overnight? The Antarctic region is tricky like that. Once it gets in your blood, it’s hard to not dream about going back – again and again.

Pictures in this article have been taken on a Falklands – South Georgia – Antarctic Peninsula trips. © Dietmar Denger

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