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15 Fantastic Photos of Antarctica

by Oceanwide Expeditions Blog

It's often said that it is impossible to take a bad photo in Antarctica. We'll say it again.
15 Fantastic Photos of Antarctica

15 enchanting Antarctica images

It is often said that it's impossible to take a bad picture in Antarctica.

We'll say it again.

Everywhere you turn on the Great White Continent, it seems there's another cute penguin, diving seal, surfacing whale. And that's not even mentioning all the colossal glaciers, historic monuments, and stunning ice-laden shorelines just dying to fill up your flash drive.

But while the following Antarctica photos are all fantastic, they're no substitute for the real thing. Enjoy them only as a primer to your own Antarctica adventure.

Image by Franklin Braeckman

1. The color transitions are considerable

Depending on what route you take to Antarctica – most expedition cruises there embark from Ushuaia, Argentina – you'll see the world shift from vibrant green shores to the pristine blues, blacks, and whites of the polar coastline. 

This color transition alone will create some stellar pictures.

2. Remote islands make ideal Antarctic photos

Pick the right Antarctica voyage and you'll have the chance to take pictures at some of the most remote islands in the world: the FalklandsSouth Georgia, and South Sandwich islands. These sub-Antarctic areas are packed with their own unique and exotic landscapes, wildlife, and photo opportunities.

3. Antarctic animals love to photobomb

Be warned, the local wildlife might interrupt your efforts to get some great Antarctic images. But in most cases, the presence of these creatures will make your pictures of Antarctica that much better.

4. Local wildlife is also highly curious

Despite the fact that visitors are not allowed to get too close to Antarctic wildlife or their breeding grounds, there's a good chance the locals might just waddle over to check you out regardless. (As mentioned, photobombing is likely.)

5. Mountains provide great Antarctica picture material

Note the stunning geological layers in this incredible Antarctic mountainside, impressive even in photo form. 

6. Antarctica's water is very image-worthy

The Antarctic ice sheet, covering a massive 14 million sq km (5.4 million sq miles), holds about 90% of the world's fresh water and is some of the cleanest H2O on the planet. If you take a photo of Antarctica's water, you can hardly go wrong.

7. Even operations can yield nice Antarctica images

Once you arrive in Antarctica, your ship will find a sheltered bay to drop anchor. It then acts as a home base from which you'll launch all sorts of activities, reaching your destinations via Zodiac boat. As always, keep your camera handy!

8. Zodiac boats get you closer to the Antarctic action

As stated, you'll get from the ship to the landing sites on outboard-engine boats called Zodiacs. These inflatable conveyances are indispensible, but make sure you bring waterproof bags for your camera equipment, as rides can be a bit splashy.

And no Antarctica picture is worth much if it ends up at the bottom of the sea.

9. What photo of Antarctica would be complete without whales?

Whale watching is one of the prime draws of our Antarctic cruises and a consistent favorite among our guests.

Depending on where your cruise visits and the time of year, you may have the chance to meet all the major species: right whalehumpbackblue whaleminkesei whalefinsperm whale, and orca (killer whale).

10. Whales are just as curious as penguins and seals

It bears iterating that whales may find their way into your Antarctica pictures whether you want them there or not.

11. Your Antarctica images can also contain historic sites

Sites like Whalers Bay on Deception Island bear remnants of bygone whaling enterprises, many of which are scattered throughout the Arctic as well.

12. You could snap a picture of chinstrap penguins

Why do we love Antarctica so much? Well, the penguins may have something to do with it.

13. Or maybe a photo of some friendly gentoos

Who are we kidding? The penguins have a lot to do with it.

14. King penguins might also perfect your Antarctica picture

Even though this image is technically from the sub-Antarctic, it was taken during our Antarctica voyages, and that makes everything okay.

15. Enjoy Antarctica photos until taking your own

We can't stress enough that pictures of Antarctica are only the beginning.

Soon it becomes paramount to kick off the training wheels and try your own hand at an Antarctica cruise. The surprises will be many, the adventures sublime, and the photos you bring back pure Promethean fire.

Pictures in this article have been taken on a Falklands – South Georgia – Antarctic Peninsula trips. © Dietmar Denger

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