Rudolf Island

This northernmost island in the Franz Josef Land archipelago is also the northernmost point in all of Russia

Rudolf Island

Region: Arktis

Reiseziele: Franz Josef Land

The northernmost Russian landmass of Rudolf Island

Serving as a staging point for various expeditions, Rudolf Island is a Russian Arctic island that was named after Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria, by the Austro-Hungarian North Pole Expedition. The weather station built on Rudolph Island is the northernmost scientific station in the world.

Rudolf Island’s location in the sheltered Teplitz Bay has made it a valuable staging point for northbound voyages. Prince Luigi Amedeo’s 1899-1900 expedition stopped there, and Anthony Fiala’s 1903-1905 expedition established a hut there.

The remainders of American and Italian expeditions can still be seen around the largely glaciated Rudolf Island, the southeastern reaches of which are covered by the Middendorff Glacier. As the northernmost landmass in Russia, Rudolph Island is also the most northerly landmass in all Eurasia.