Bell Island

Located near Eira Lodge in Franz Josef Land, Bell Island was discovered by Benjamin Leigh Smith during his 1880 expedition

Bell Island

Region: Arktis

Reiseziele: Franz Josef Land

Bell Island and its namesake mountains

Named in 1880 by British explorer Benjamin Leigh Smith for its bell-shaped mountain, Bell Island lies in the southwest of the Franz Josef Land archipelago. Smith discovered Mabel Island, Cape Flora, Gratton Island, and Nightingale Sound around the same time as Bell Island.

When Smith returned to Bell Island in 1881, he built a wooden lodge in which he could winter while continuing his Arctic expeditions. This lodge remains to this day and was even visited in 1914 by Russia’s Brusilov Expedition, all members of which disappeared during their voyage.


Main image copyright: Timinilya, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons