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Les Howarth
by Les Howarth on Antarctica

My trip to Antarctica on board m/v Plancius by far exceeded my expectations. We were fortunate enough to have exceptional weather,.allowing us to make the most of the continuous activities. With 2 shore excursions...

Kim Larkin
by Kim Larkin on Antarctica

Visiting Antarctica is truly a once in a lifetime experience and Oceanwide is the company to go with. In addition to comfortable accommodations on the ship and great food, they worked incredibly hard to make...

Andrew Burr
by Andrew Burr on Antarctica

Quite incredible trip. Truly, intimately, and fully experienced the wild Antarctic environment and its wildlife. Highly recommend kayaking. The expedition staff were exceptionally helpful, enthusiastic, knowledgeable...

Mark Sibree
by Mark Sibree on Antarctica

Our visit to the Antarctic Peninsula could not have been better. Even the weather teamed up to provide a great experience. We had a calm Drake Passage South and maybe a bit less so going North. The experience...

Megan Shannon
by Megan Shannon on Antarctica

Quite simply, the most outstanding trip! The natural beauty of the Antarctic Peninsula with its abundant wildlife and pristine ice structures is breathtaking. I paid extra for the camping and kayaking options...

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Jon Kimble
by Jon Kimble on Antarctica

A great time with great staff and crew service! I’d definitely recommend this team to anyone wanting to travel to the polar regions.

Maja Locher
by Maja Locher on Antarctica

Sehr motivierte Crew, sauberes Schiff, ausgezeichnete Küche. Wir haben auch über Umweltschutz, Flora und Fauna, Geschichte und Meteorologie viele interessante Vorträge in Deutsch und Englisch ge-...

Gail Slotter
by Gail Slotter on Antarctica

We went on the base camp expedition cruise on Oceanwide, OTL27-19 Antarctic Peninsula. There are not enough adjectives to positively describe this incredible journey. Deciding what was the highlight of our trip...

Anuradha Roy
by Anuradha Roy on Antarctica

The ship Captain and his crew were absolutely wonderful. They put up with the passenger's silly questions with good humour and even got into the spirit of things even though they have been to Antarctica hundreds...

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