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Michael Sewell
by Michael Sewell on Antarctica

This trip fulfilled a lifetime dream for my spouse, Pat and I. We cannot say enough good things about Oceanwide Expedition's Leaders, Adam Turner and Sara Jenner.  These two individuals are extreme leaders...

Nathan Caldwell
by Nathan Caldwell on Antarctica

It is not easy to get to Antarctica no matter how it is done! Oceanwide indeed made it worthwhile! We indeed had a journey of a lifetime, and were able to make Antarctica our 7th continent. Based on what other...

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David Thorne
by David Thorne on Antarctica

I could say a lot about this fantastic trip ! Firstly the expedition staff were an amazing bunch of people with varied interests and knowledge covering all aspects of what you see in Antarctica. They drove us...

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Nick Goody
by Nick Goody on Antarctica

Thank you to everyone at Oceanwide Expeditions for a fantastic trip. Our trip seemed to get better and better every day as the unique wildlife and exceptional scenery was revealed to us. It was a very nice feeling...

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Tamir Reisin
by Tamir Reisin on Antarctica

This is a relatively easy review since EVERYTHING was excellent. The expedition team did a great job, doing the maximum to enable as to visit as many places as possible without conceding in terms of safety. They...

Alan Olson
by Alan Olson on Antarctica

The title is trite for sure. But, it's true. Words alone cannot adequately describe the experience. Scenery, penguins, scenery, seals, scenery, whales, and scenery. The ship, crew, and expedition staff were...

Lynn Nyquist
by Lynn Nyquist on Antarctica

I have traveled the world (this was my final continent), and this was the most amazing trip ever. It far exceeded any of my expectations. We were active all the time. Two 2 1/2 hour outings a day minimum with...

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Arlettia Fyfe
by Arlettia Fyfe on Arctic

I want to thank the crew of the Rembrant van Rijn, 2/22 to 2/29 2020, for giving me a trip of a life time. My taking this trip caused reservations by many as I am 86 years of age. My son, William, and his wife,...

Graham Attwood
by Graham Attwood on Antarctica

If I could I would have awarded this 10 stars. I booked this expedition to achieve my lifetime ambition which I had held since I was 12, of visiting Antarctia. At the age of 68 I finally achieved it. My expectations...

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