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by John Overholt

Great trip overall. Enjoyed everyone we had contact with. Great weather, unexpectedly calm and warm. Only disappointment was fewer wildlife than hoped..

by Kay Dean

The 13 day trip of exploring the fjords of Greenland was an educational and hands on experience with all the region has to offer. The wild life was amazing seeing Whales, Seals, Reindeer, Musk Ox and a Polar

by Hans-Peter Ulrich

20 days full of adventures - skilled crew and good company with fellow travellers. Pics says mor then 1000 words: see my selected fotos on https://hpulrich.ch/arktis/spitzbergen-groenland/ Thanks to everybod

by Peter Nagel

Durch das sonnige Wetter konnten wir sehr vieles sehen und erleben. Besonders eindrücklich waren für mich Wale, Rentiere, Eisbärenmutter mit Kind, ein abbrechender Gletscher und die Natur mit

by Carolyn Ringel

A fantastic trip. The guides were friendly and knowledgable, the food was great, and most importantly, the wildlife and scenery exceeded my expectations. Absolutely breathtaking. The expedition leader and ca

by Th.L. van den Hoonaard

Allthough I chose this trip because I wanted to see polar bears in their natural habitat , and how successfull this trip was, I was most impressed by the landscapes, the “spitsbergen”, the fjords

by Margot Novak

Well organized, enlightening and varied trip on a beautiful ship with a great crew.

by Melek Canan Helvacioglu

It was a nice trip but giving us the feeling of staying in a boarding school .Most of the expedition guides were caring except B.Giunchi who has insulted us(we were at his mother’s age) because we have


İt was fantastic...unforgettable memories...thank you:)

by Stephan Zaschel

A wonderful trip to a very, very impressing scenery. Accompanied by a very efficient, thoughtful, helpful crew and guided by very knowing, charming, informing crew, especially the expedition leader Ali Liddl

by Hans Seuters

I don't know where to start. This expedition has shown so much of the beauty of the Arctic. And unfortunately also how fragile it is. There is so much life like of course the polar bear but also seals, w

by Mauro Vetere

I am very satisfied about the organization of the trip and I expect exactly this kind of adventure

by Béatrice Lambaux

Nous revenons du Svalbard à bord du Hondius et n’avons pas les mots pour décrire ce que nous avons vécu ! Entre les paysages grandioses, la découverte de la faune arctique d

by Eva Martino

💙 Artic

by Jean-Yves Barnagaud

Around Svalbard with Ortelius and OWE. All staff and crew particularly professional and especially careful about respecting wildlife and the environment in general. Cruise well scenarized, carefully design t