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Jânio Tjoe-Awie
by Jânio Tjoe-Awie on Antarctica

Trip to remember. The original trip location was the Weddell Sea, because of wheater condition (ice) we where not able to enter this area. The replacement programme was good organised and for me as a first time...

James Tietjen
by James Tietjen on Antarctica

All excellent. Great experience. Very professional in every regard. Once in a lifetime opportunity. In true expedition style, the crew and all responsible for the safety, comfort, and success of our mission adapted...

Mitchell Stephens
by Mitchell Stephens on Antarctica

Very impressed with the staff, the ship and even the (creative) food. Crew and expedition leaders had to think on their feet -- since the ice was building with the end of summer down south. They were making changes,...

Barbara & Daniel Williams
by Barbara & Daniel Williams on Antarctica

Excellent trip. The staff and crew were wonderful - well prepared and trained, knowlegeable, organized, friendly, efficient and responsive to our needs. The ship was apparently very well maintained and well-run....

Emiel Mostert
by Emiel Mostert on Antarctica

Travelling on a cruise into the Antarctic. Now there were expectations, I am not much of a person to go on a cruise. To massive, sailing hotels, not my thing and going on an outing like sheep changing fields,...

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Karen Walz
by Karen Walz on Antarctica

We hadn’t been on a tour like this before so we didn’t know what to expect in terms of the roles of Captain, EL, expedition staff and other crew.  We were extremely impressed by the great job...

Stacey Dickinson
by Stacey Dickinson on Antarctica

Antarctica for most is an opportunity to check off the seventh continent; to fall within the less than 1% of humans to ever walk on all 7 continents. What you don’t know until you’ve had the good...

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Cynthia Mayer
by Cynthia Mayer on Antarctica

I had a very good time on my expedition. The staff and guides were concerned with the safety of the guests and wildlife. Speaking of the guides, they answered all questions, were well educated and had a wide...

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Ashton Kinsey
by Ashton Kinsey on Antarctica

I had a great time during my trip. Ali was a great head and all of the other staff and expedition leaders were beyond fantastic. Esp Sara and Adam, both were SUPER passionate about the animals and everything...

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