Overall rating based on 1,068 votes
Overall rating based on 1,068 votes





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by Shazia McCormick

First and foremost, the entire crew was excellent. From hotel to kitchen to expedition guides, everyone was professional, knowledgeable and hard working. Having all the excursions (kayaking, mountaineering, etc.) included it made it stress free and a lot of fun. As an active person, I think this is the best way to see the continent. The food was very good, we were never hungry. I can't say enough about the expedition team, including the Leader Lynn. What an amazing bunch of people who were so friendly and made sure we all got the most out of the visit. We were in room 401 which is a twin superior with 2 windows (rear and port facing). This is a great room for lots of light and windows, and as a superior, included a few bottles of wine and snacks. The demographics of the passengers were great with ages ranging from 10 – 70 years old. Probably the average age was mid-40s which made it a lot of fun. If you have an adventurous streak and want to go to Antarctica on a smaller boat with lots of activities, do this!

by Noémie Bezençon

It was a very nice trip.I liked all the staff member and passengers on board.

by Ralitza Gueorguieva

This trip was a wonderful, unforgettable experience for our family ! We enjoyed the incredible wildlife and nature, the zodiac excursions, the lectures, the meals, and the excellent atmosphere created by the crew. We are thankful to everybody who contributed to this experience, most of all to the international crew who were knowledgeable, well organized, helpful and with a great sense of humor!

This trip far exceeded my expectations! The trip was well organized and superbly executed by the staff at Oceanwide team. The itinerary was fantastic and daily activities were getting better every day. It was an active trip with something new to do/see every day. I would recommend this trip to anyone!

10 of us cruised with MV Plancius (Antarctica Peninsula Base Camp) Dec 18-29 2017 and it was a fantastic experience and the whole experience was beyond all our expectations. Cozy room with sufficient storage and big bathroom. Comfortable lounge and dinning room. Great espresso machine and endless snacks! Food was wonderful and main entrée never repeated. The expedition team was well organized and professional and attentive. We were lucky with smooth Drake and sunny Antarctica days! We can not be more satisfied with the trip. Highly recommend!

by Clemens Kok

A really wonderful trip to the most beautiful and impressive continent!! All on board the ship were very professional: Crew, on board hotelstaff and expeditionstaff. On board we enjoyed all the lectures expeditionstaff presented. Apart from this Oceanwide is a very professional organization as well. Safety first and much attention for several details during our trip. Above all Oceanwide showed much respect for Antarctic wildlife. An unforgettable trip.

by julie gregory

Going to Antarctica had been on my bucket list for a long time, when we realised that we could also dive there it was a dream come true. Antarctica was everything we hoped it would be and more. We were able to go diving, kayaking, overnight camping and walking as well as doing an ocean plunge. There were so many fantastic experiences, such as diving an iceberg, watching the space station go by whilst camping outside, humpwhales, kayaking next to penguins, so many interactions with penguins, sailing down iceberg alley and Lemaire Channel. We were able to dive every day as well as go on land. The diving was a very unique experience and one I never thought possible in the Antarctic. The crew were great and made it a safe and very enjoyable adventure trip to the Antarctica. Thank you to the crew of M/V Plancius for this memorable trip.

by giuliano ferri

Great and fantastic expedition, perfectly organized. Everything was excellent: the crew, the staff, the restaurant, the organiziation. and the guests.

by Shan Jiang

In general I think I am super lucky, nice staff, wonderfual weather and plenty of wild lifes and great landscape to enjoy. Thank you for everything and see you next time! I will definitely be back. ;-)))))

by Renate Huber

This voyage is unforgettable. The beautiful land- scape with the animal world, especially the adorable though rather smelly Penguins are so cute.... The humour, the very friendly and knowledgeable staff, especially Bill Smiths who is a great speaker of many subject: wildlife, landscape, art, sports etc.!! was a true pleasure. More lectures please with Bill!!! I wish you all a Merry Christmas, health and happiness in 2018.

A great cruise with many activities.

by Philipp jr. Beckhove

Wirklich perfekte Reise (Spitzbergen-Komplettumrundung inkl. Nordaustland), mit 13 Eisbären, ca. 50 Walrosse usw. Tolle Landungen und Bergsteigungs-Aktivitäten, sehr hoher Aktivitätsgrad. Viele Vögel (Sterntaucher, Dickschnabellummen, Elfenbeinmöwen...). Außerdem gute Vorträge, leckeres Essen und wirklich gute Zodiac-Ausfahrten. In jeder Hin´sicht gab es immer das bestmögliche Reiseprogramm!

by Stefan Kraus

Vom Abholen am Flughafen in Longyearbyen bis zur Ankunft in Rejkjavik lief alles wie am Schnürchen. Großes Lob an die Schiffsbesatzung, das Servicepersonal und das Expeditionsteam. War eine ganz tolle Reise!

Upgraded to a superior cabin with 2 bottles of complimentary wine was a great start as was the humpback whales "show" the first evening. Force 10 in the Denmark Strait was quite an experience but was part of the "explorer" feeling. Greenland was bleak and grim with pancake ice just forming, a foretaste of the Arctic winter that was really atmospheric. Katja led a great team of guides and the food was superb.

by Arjan Woltmeijer

A real arctic experience!