St. Helena

Eine Reise in die Geschichte. Besuchen Sie die Insel von Napoleon Bonaparte, im Exil auf St. Helena von 1815 bis zu seinem Tod im Jahre 1821. Genießen Sie die lokale Kultur, Pflanzenleben und Vögel.

Reisen nach St. Helena

Atlantic Odyssey, incl. Antarctic Peninsula

Visit several of the remotest islands in the world!

JNS33-23 The Atlantic Odyssey is a bird-watcher’s delight as we cross paths with the migratory routes of species such as the Artic Tern & the Long-tailed Skua. We visit some of the most remote islands in the world while crossing the Atlantic and the Equator.

m/v Janssonius

MS Janssonius


16 Mär - 16 Apr, 2023


12800 USD

Atlantic Odyssey, excl. Antarctic Peninsula

This far-ranging expedition voyage sails the breadth of the Atlantic, viewing the changing celestial bodies as we cross the equator

JNS34-23 The Atlantic Odyssey cruise visits some of the remotest islands in the world, crossing the migratory paths of Arctic Terns, Long-tailed Skuas, other birds, and a variety of whales as they make their annual expeditions north for the breeding season.

m/v Janssonius

MS Janssonius


25 Mär - 16 Apr, 2023


8100 USD

St. Helena to Cape Verde

Witness the northbound spring migration

JNS35-23 During the days at sea the chances of meeting whales are high. Witness the northbound spring migration of northern birds like Arctic Terns and Long-tailed Skuas who join us in crossing the Equator (“the Line”).

m/v Janssonius

MS Janssonius


16 Apr - 25 Apr, 2023


2100 USD

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Humpback Whales Sing for Food, Not Entertainment

The normal call of a humpback whale can be heard from miles away, and they often make noises that sound similar to cryin

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St. Helena: Blog

A Photo-Tour of our Cruise Ship the m/v Plancius

Welcome aboard the Plancius! She was originally named the Hr. Ms. Tydeman and was built as an oceanographic research ves

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St. Helena: Tierwelt

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What is the Temperature Like in Saint Helena?

The climate in St. Helena is typically mild and sub-tropical, which makes it a nice choice for an expedition. Throughout most of the year, the north leeward shore ranges from 17 to 24 degrees Celsius (63 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit), but this area warms

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What Wildlife Can I See in Saint Helena?

When you travel to the St. Helena region, you can expect to see a diverse variety of birds. Some of the most notable species include the Wirebird, and the St. Helena Waxbill. This remote island has a highly unusual amount of endemic birds, which has

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What is the Capital of Saint Helena?

Jamestown is the capital of St. Helena, and it is on the north-western coast of the island. St Helena also has the distinction of being one of the oldest remaining British overseas territories. People who take a holiday to St. Helena end up traveling

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How Many People Live in Saint Helena?

St. Helena has a population of more than 4,200. The capital city, Jamestown, is home to 714 of these residents. However, Half Tree Hallow is actually the largest settlement in St. Helena with a population of 901 people. 

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Who Owns Saint Helena?

St. Helena is a British overseas territory. The island was discovered during a Portuguese voyage in 1502. The Dutch Republic claimed St. Helena first, but there is no evidence that they ever actually did anything with this claim. By 1659, a British G

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What Unique Features Does Saint Helena Have?

St. Helena is perhaps best known for housing a very famous prisoner from 1815 - 1821: Napoleon after his final defeat at Waterloo in Belgium. Most of the island has rugged topography, but it is also a popular spot for hikers. Diana’s Peak reach

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