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Oceanwide at the Long Beach Scuba Show

Enjoy the seminars given by our Dive Master, Henrik Enckell. We will also discuss the special wildlife we encounters.

Life in a Penguin Colony

At a research station in Antarctica’s South Shetland Islands, scientists study how life is changing in local penguin colonies. Read this to

Arctic and Antarctic Basecamp Cruises – Choose Your Own Adventure

Each voyage uses one of our main ships as a main hub and from there passengers are able to launch into any one of a variety of activities, a

Living the Antarctic Dream

From October to March, during the Austral summer, thousands of breeding Gentoo, Adèlie, and Chinstrap penguins travel to the Western Antarct

Gough Island: Seabird Capital of the South Atlantic

Gough Island is a remote volcanic island in the South Atlantic, uninhabited except for a small party of meteorologists and (sometimes) biolo

The Eight Great Penguin Species of Antarctica

There are 17 penguin species on the planet, but the eight most iconic reside in Antarctica, its nearby islands, and the sub-Antarctic archip

Greenland's History: When Vikings Ruled the Ice Age

Greenland’s history is filled with many fascinating tidbits that polar expedition participants enjoy learning about, but perhaps the most po

Arctic Flowers, Trees, and Other Plant Life

When many people think of the Arctic, they probably imagine a stark white wasteland devoid of anything except snow, glaciers, and the occasi

The A to Z Guide to Cruising the Antarctic

Like many of life’s most rewarding experiences, an exploration of the South Pole takes some preparation and knowledge. You’ll be sailing int

How and When Did Greenland Become Covered in Ice?

Although it may be difficult to believe, there was a time when Greenland was primarily covered in the green within its name as opposed to ic

World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day! April 25th - a day in celebration of the world’s most formal of our feathered friends. They hop, they skip, they jump, th

All About Ice: Glaciers and Icebergs of the Arctic and Antarctica

Glaciers and icebergs represent two of the most important facets of Earth's ecosystem, accounting for 68.7% of the world's freshwater supply

Humpback whales at Wilhelmina Bay - Antarctic Peninsula

As we moved away from the ship, the Zodiacs scattered in several directions. I took my Zodiac into Brooklyn Channel, between the two islands

Humpback Whales Sing for Food, Not Entertainment

The normal call of a humpback whale can be heard from miles away, and they often make noises that sound similar to crying, howling and moani

No Patches, Pills, or Tablets: Seven Natural Seasickness Remedies

Just because you're embarking on polar sea travel doesn't mean you need to spend the whole voyage leaning over the rail. If you're anticipat

How Polar Bears and Musk Oxen Survive in the Arctic

There are numerous animals throughout the Arctic Ocean that survive in a climate that many people find almost unbearable. Interestingly, man

Under the Greenland Ice Sheet

Anyone who goes on an expedition to the right part of the globe can encounter huge amounts of ice, but Greenland has something very unique:

Jupiter and Venus visible during the Solar Eclipse in Spitsbergen

We’re nicely on time, we’ve got time to set our camera’s, fix our filters and make sure all batteries work and the memory cards are empty. T

A Day of Whale Watching in Antarctica

This morning we awoke early to enjoy the first light in Wilhelmina Bay, with the snow and cloud blanketing the surrounding mountains. As da

A Day of Basecamp in Antarctica – Paradise Harbour

After another early morning picking up our camping group we arrived at the entrance to Lemaire Channel. Snow and some mist around the top of

Life in the Polar Regions

Polar bears in the Arctic, penguins in Antarctica. That's all there is to it, right? Well, actually, no. There's a lot more to it. Though th