Grave Cove

A small cove situated within Hope Harbour on the mainland of West Falkland, Grave Cove belongs to Hope Harbour Farm

Grave Cove

Region: Antarctica

Destinations: Falkland Islands

Grave Cove’s Grim Neighbors

Grave Cove lies 2.5 km (1.6 miles) southeast of Westpoint Island. The cove is situated among a landscape of cliffs (Death’s Head Ridge) and white-sand beaches. Near the beach some graves can be found, which explains the grim names in the area. The hills behind the beach offer good hiking possibilities for those who want to stretch their legs.

The Bird-Watching Bounties of Grave Cove

Grave Cove is home to several bird species: the crested duck, speckled teal, Falkland steamer duck, upland goose, and ruddy-headed goose. Also to be seen there is a black-browed albatross colony with about 200 breeding pairs. The cove supports three penguin species: rockhoppers (240 pairs), Magellanic, and the largest gentoo colony of the Falklands (over 5,500 pairs). Birdlife International has recognized Grave Cove as an Important Bird Area.