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Henning Junger
by Henning Junger on Antarctica

Great Experience, unforgettble expeditions, Excellent Crew, very good meals, Plan to upload photos and review later Thanks to outstanding crew: marine, hotel, expeditions... Greetings Evelyn and Henning Junger...

Ian Buckley
by Ian Buckley on Antarctica

I agree with Daniel, same cabin! All about the trip was fantastic, including my travel-mates. Yes the crew/staff/guides/Doctor were first class, but the real bonus was the way people mixed and joined in. All...

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Li Wang
by Li Wang on Antarctica

So excellent,had so many activists,u will enjoy them so much.but the weather that time someday not so good and the food normal compair to my friends' ships,but the prize is good.


chris de Cooker
by chris de Cooker on Antarctica

Excellent trip. Excellent crew and organization. Great lectures and great food. Thank you !!

Veerle Verbeeck
by Veerle Verbeeck on Antarctica

This was an amazing trip. Needless to say that Antarctica is an unbelievable destination to visit and all parts of the trip were perfect. Friendly crew, knowledgeable expedition team who were kind and always...

tristan schwartz
by tristan schwartz on Antarctica

Very good trip. Very good crew, friendly and professional. Very good food. Landscape is wondeful. Bedroom are clean. But : - We didn't go to ukrainian base of Vernadsky while it was written that we go. -...

luc verhelle
by luc verhelle on Antarctica

This was such a great trip. We left Ushuaia with some really bad forecasts for the Drake Passage, and they were true. The first night was rough, really rough. But it felt like it cut us off from the world. The...

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Daniel Saavedra
by Daniel Saavedra on Antarctica

We had the trip of a lifetime aboard the Ortelius. Everything was perfect, the crew and the expedition guides were always friendly and helpful with a huge knowledge about Antarctica. The lectures were very interesting...

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Hanne Krafft
by Hanne Krafft on Antarctica

Eine ausgezeichnete, aufeinander abgestimmte Crew, die bis zuletzt für die Teilnehmer da war."Du kannst uns jederzeit ansprechen" waren nicht nur hohle Worte. Hanne Krafft 8.01.2016

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