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Jan Jaap Schijf
by Jan Jaap Schijf on Arctic

De reis van Vlissingen naar Spitsbergen was prachtig. Veel mooie dingen gezien. Veel lezingen over onderwerpen m.b.t. de reis. Lezingen van gepassioneerde gidsen. De beleving van het hoge noorden, wat we gezien...

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Monique Göbbels
by Monique Göbbels on Arctic

Bijzondere reiservaring. Veel wildlife gezien. Zeer deskundige Ocean Widelife staff. Dank aan Jan Belgers, Bob, Bill, Arjen, Sandra, Ian, Alex en natuurlijke DJ, Lilian and.... the Captain!

Henk Jacobs
by Henk Jacobs on Arctic

Enjoyed all the destinations. Very good food. The bar and restaurant are tight. The 4-p cabins are tight as well, too less space to store your stuff. Cabins at deck 3 became very hot during the trip. Information...

isabelle lepretre
by isabelle lepretre on Antarctica

Fantastic trip Antartica is the probably the travel of a lifetime On the Plancius. Unfortunately we staid only 3,5 days on the peninsula and the continent. 10 days of cruise includes: Departure day (departure...

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Antje Schnaithmann
by Antje Schnaithmann on Antarctica

Best choice: the trip from february to march, at the end of antarctic summer. We reached Ross Sea and McMurdo Sound, we got to McMurdo Antarctic Station by helicopter, we went shopping there and had coffee and...

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Thomas und Franziska Kaegi und Wagner
by Thomas und Franziska Kaegi und Wagner on Antarctica

Dear all The trip was good and we will not forget all this impressions. The crew of the hotel was just amazing and we were heard bei theme. We had a very cold cabine and they changed us the next day. Food was...

by HELENE & ANNE BOLLON & BOUARD on Antarctica

This 19 days cruise could have been much more interesting if one of the 7 guides had been a biologist. Only 3 of them were scientists ( physics, geology, glaciology), but none was competent at ornithology. This...

Kyle Sullivan
by Kyle Sullivan on Antarctica

So, I was lucky enough to win Oceanwide's contest for the Spectacular Ross Sea - an epic 30 day expedition across Western Antarctica. I knew it was going to be amazing. On paper, it sounded like the trip...

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Dave Hecker
by Dave Hecker on Antarctica

This trip exceeded my expectations in every way. I expected the destination to be fantastic, but being in Antarctica was more dramatic and beautiful than I had ever imagined. The ship also was more comfortable...

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