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Explorers in the Ice - Ross Sea Antarctica

Although I’ve been to the Peninsula many times, the opportunity to experience the Ross Sea and its historical sites for the first time was very...

Discover the Scoresby Sund Fjord System in East Greenland

Are you thinking of taking a trip to Greenland? Then one thing you do not want to miss is visiting the largest fjord on earth with spectacular...

Exploring Borchgrevink’s hut at Cape Adare Antarctica

I pointed, “Look!” My exclamation broke the reverential hush inside the first human habitation on the Antarctic continent, heads turned quizzically....

News from mv Ortelius in the Ross Sea

27.01.2015. The 50m high Ross Ice Shelf, known as the Great Ice Barrier to its discoverer James Clark Ross, stretched to the limits of our vision.

Oceanwide Expeditions wins IAATO Light Beacon Competition

16.01.2015. UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO), congratulates the expedition team and crew onboard MV Plancius

Polar Bear Specials with expert Rinie van Meurs

28.11.2014. Oceanwide Expeditions is delighted to announce to have ‘the expert on Polar Bears’, Rinie van Meurs, on board Ortelius’ Polar Bear trips.

Oceanwide Expeditions’ policy on Ebola

24.10.2014. We advise all passengers to read the undermentioned and to contact Oceanwide Expeditions if the following applies to those persons:

POLAR DIVING | Visit Oceanwide Expeditions at DEMA 2014!

23.10.2014. Polar Diving with Oceanwide Expeditions highlighted at DEMA Show 2014

Oceanwide Expeditions received AECO's Puffin Award 2014

15.10.2014. The Puffin Award is given to a member who throughout the year has helped AECO and contributed to the AECO membership.

Plancius and Ortelius recover AWI seaglider in the North Atlantic

24.09.2014. Two ships, two itineraries, one mission: With an extraordinary rescue operation the crews of the two expedition ships MV Plancius and MV Ortelius...

Book your brand new cabin aboard Ortelius

14.08.2014. In 2013 Oceanwide Expeditions had the idea to further upgrade our Polar expedition vessel 'Ortelius'. The idea became reality and the goal was...

Oceanwide’s flag in Metallica’s headquarter

10.03.2014. Metallica was given an Oceanwide flag with the signatures of all staff & crew aboard Ortelius

Antarctic Peninsula | Basecamp - Ortelius

Antarctica beckons adventurers.

Oceanwide Expeditions rebuilds deck 5 aboard Ortelius

03.01.2014. Oceanwide Expeditions announced the complete refit of all cabins on deck 5 aboard the vessel Ortelius.

Oceanwide Expeditions meets Metallica in Antarctica

11.12.2013. The band arrived, the dome was packed and all were waiting for what they knew would be music history. The band also emphasized how special Antarctica...

Sensational Emperor Penguin Expedition

29.11.2013. Oceanwide meets the Emperor Penguins of Snow Hill Island, Antarctica

Oceanwide Brings Metallica to Antarctica

30.10.2013. First Antarctic rock concert. The Dutch company will provide accommodation and transportation with her ice-strengthened vessel “Ortelius”.

“All’s Well” in Captain Scott's Hut

04.06.2013. Conditions at the Hut were perfect: sunshine, blue skies, no wind, and a temperature of around -13 degrees. To cope with the extreme conditions...

Advanced Antarctica: The Ross Sea

Being an arm’s length from the world’s largest penguin, the famous though elusive Emperor, is a life-changing experience! And being inside Scott’s...

Successful South Georgia Ski Crossing with Børge Ousland

02.04.2013. The skiers have covered a total distance of 40 – 50 km retracing sections of the historic Shackleton route from 1916.

(Nearly) Stuck in the Antarctic Ice

(Nearly) Stuck in the Antarctic Ice

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