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Antarctic Peninsula | Basecamp - Ortelius

Antarctica beckons adventurers.

Oceanwide Expeditions rebuilds deck 5 aboard Ortelius

03.01.2014. Oceanwide Expeditions announced the complete refit of all cabins on deck 5 aboard the vessel Ortelius.

Oceanwide Expeditions meets Metallica in Antarctica

11.12.2013. The band arrived, the dome was packed and all were waiting for what they knew would be music history. The band also emphasized how special Antarctica...

Sensational Emperor Penguin Expedition

29.11.2013. Oceanwide meets the Emperor Penguins of Snow Hill Island, Antarctica

Oceanwide Brings Metallica to Antarctica

30.10.2013. First Antarctic rock concert. The Dutch company will provide accommodation and transportation with her ice-strengthened vessel “Ortelius”.

“All’s Well” in Captain Scott's Hut

04.06.2013. Conditions at the Hut were perfect: sunshine, blue skies, no wind, and a temperature of around -13 degrees. To cope with the extreme conditions...

Advanced Antarctica: The Ross Sea

Being an arm’s length from the world’s largest penguin, the famous though elusive Emperor, is a life-changing experience! And being inside Scott’s...

Successful South Georgia Ski Crossing with Børge Ousland

02.04.2013. The skiers have covered a total distance of 40 – 50 km retracing sections of the historic Shackleton route from 1916.

(Nearly) Stuck in the Antarctic Ice

(Nearly) Stuck in the Antarctic Ice

South Georgia in Spring

March, may be the best time of the year to be in South Georgia! The wildlife is plentiful and the light is just magical for photographs.

Oceanwide Expeditions awarded as “Best Activity Provider”

13.03.2013. Oceanwide was honoured with first price in the category "best activity provider".

Ross Sea progress: 50 Orcas and more

05.03.2013. Across to the ice-edge, where we had a remarkable spectacle of walking along the ice edge with 50 or more Orca in constant procession, a few...

Diving with the leopard

I found myself eyeball to huge, black eyeball with this mighty seal - it hung in the water, slowly twisting and gazing at me, that huge crooked...

Ross Sea trip | Passengers visit the huts of Scott & Shackleton

07.02.2013. Passengers have visited the historic huts of British Polar explorers Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Ross Sea trip started | First helicopter landing on Peter I Island

23.01.2013. Peter I Island is located in the Bellingshausen Sea at ca. 450 kilometres from Antarctica. The island was discovered by Russian explorer Fabian...

Oceanwide has completed its first Antarctic helicopter trip

03.12.2012. After having offered two full helicopter days in the Antarctic Weddell Sea, Oceanwide Expeditions completed its excursions on Saturday 1 December.

Oceanwide carries out first Antarctic helicopter landings

30.11.2012. Oceanwide Expeditions has carried out the first successful helicopter landings in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica.

First Emperor Penguin trip started

27.11.2012. Oceanwide Expeditions is very pleased to announce that the first ship-based voyage to the Weddell Sea started last Saturday.

A Perfect Polar Day: Camping under Antarctic Stars

It's the end of another magical day on the Antarctic Peninsula, and all that remains is to pitch camp for the night.

South Georgia - Ski Traverse 2013

02.10.2012. Are you tough enough? Sign up now to become an expedition member on our ski trek across South Georgia retracing sections of the historic Shackleton...

Zodiac cruising into Perlerfiup Kangalua, Greenland

It was an afternoon in July 2012 and the Rembrandt van Rijn slowly sailed into Perlerfiup Kangalua just south of the Wegener Peninsula.

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