Peter I Island

Antarctic Peninsula

Region: Antarctica

Destinations: Ross Sea

Peter I Island: one of the planet’s most remote places on Earth

Peter I Island is an uninhabited volcanic island located in the Bellingshausen Sea at ca. 450 kilometres from Antarctica. As of 2005, it is estimated that only 600 people have ever set foot on the uninhabited volcanic Island. Oceanwide Expeditions uses her helicopters in order to make a successful landing on the island.

Peter I Island was discovered by Russian explorer Fabian von Bellingshausen in 1821. He named the island after Tsar Peter I of Russia. More than a century later (1931) Norway claimed the island (but Peter I Island forms part of the Antarctic Treaty) and an automatic meteorological station was installed in 1987. The volcanic island is a breeding ground for Southern Fulmars and Arctic Terns, Adelie and Chinstrap Penguins have also been reported as well as numerous seals.

Visit Peter I Island

We intend to visit Peter I Island on our Ross Sea Journeys. 

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