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Ilka Merten-Warnke
by Ilka Merten-Warnke on Arctic

Eine unvergeßliche Reise vom 9 -16.Juni 2016 Eisbärenspecial auf der Ms Plancius. Der Expeditionsleiter und seine Guides,sowohl die gesamte Crew haben uns eine unvergeßliche Woche bereitet. Dankeschön...

Carmen Vladar
by Carmen Vladar on Arctic

Diese Reise war einfach wunderschön! Das Wetter war herrlich, wir haben sehr viele Eisbären, Vögel, Rentiere, Walrosse, sogar einen Blau- und einen Finwal gesichtet. Absolut toll war das Wissenschaftler-Team...

ella van de Klundert
by ella van de Klundert on Arctic

Mijn expeditie van 9 tot en met 16 juni 2016 was grandioos, fantastisch, adembenemend, spectaculair en magisch. De Plancius is een prima schip met alle benodigde faciliteiten en uitstekend, veeltalig, personeel....

Colin Vale
by Colin Vale on Arctic

Fantastic week in the Arctic with the great crew and Captain of the Plancius. Another vessel, the MV Expedition, was in Svalbard the same time as us and they saw zero bears! We saw 25 and I think that can be...

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by Manisha KOTECHA on Antarctica

A dream nurtured for 13 years finally came true and I visited Antarctica. The crew of the Plancius ensured that out expedition surpassed all expectations - from the briefings, information, help and totally commitment...

Nicole Versteeg
by Nicole Versteeg on Antarctica

What a great trip! Warm people, fantastic ship, beautiful animals, great weather, wonderful nature, very friendly crew/staff .... This was a very special experience. Plenty of time to do whatever you want, take...

Valmar Kurol
by Valmar Kurol on Antarctica

A fantastic place to be on a clear day. One of the highlights of the Ross Sea trip, if the weather allows.

Henning Junger
by Henning Junger on Antarctica

Great Experience, unforgettble expeditions, Excellent Crew, very good meals, Plan to upload photos and review later Thanks to outstanding crew: marine, hotel, expeditions... Greetings Evelyn and Henning Junger...

Ian Buckley
by Ian Buckley on Antarctica

I agree with Daniel, same cabin! All about the trip was fantastic, including my travel-mates. Yes the crew/staff/guides/Doctor were first class, but the real bonus was the way people mixed and joined in. All...

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