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Peter Tadin

Region: Arctic

Destinations: Svalbard

Ship: s/v Rembrandt van Rijn

We just got back from Norway and I just want to say how satisfied I was with Oceanwide Expeditions for a fantastic cruise of Spitzbergen on the s/v Rembrandt van Rijn sailing ship where we chartered the ship for our Spitzbergen expedition cruise from June 9th to June 16th, 2017. The ship holds 33 passengers plus 12 crew. My experience on that sailing expedition was that they run a first-class well-run company. For a beautiful sailing “tall ship” that was originally built in 1924, the ship was in first-class condition and updated for modern comforts. Although the cabins are small and all have bunkbeds, they were quite adequate. In fact, most of the cabins had a bottom bunk that was a small double-bed. There is plenty of lounge space, a bar, lots of windows and portholes, and plenty of deck space. We loved the sails that were put up on our last full day of the journey when there was finally a breeze in the air. From the ship’s captain, Ali, to Lars, the ship’s chef, to Bogdan, the hotel manager, to Jordi, our expedition leader, to Ali, our assistant expedition leader, and to the rest of the crew that many times were unseen but working hard, they gave us a wonderful journey.

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