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Q: What Wildlife Can I See in Tristan da Cunha?

Tristan da Cunha has earned the BirdLife International designation of an Important Bird Area. There are two species of land birds that stay local all year, and an additional 13 species of seabirds breed on the island. The Atlantic Petrel has chosen Tristan de Cunha and Gough Island as its only breeding locations worldwide. You may also see the Tristan Wandering albatross, Antarctic Terns and Northern rockhopper penguins during a trip to Tristan da Cunha.

Marine mammals are quite often spotted around the islands but in particular the Sub-Antarctic fur seal is a species to look out for as it is not easily seen anywhere else. One of the most difficult to see birds in the world is found only on Inaccessible Island: The Inaccessible Island flightless rail. The name says it all – it is not an easy place to land.  

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