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Polar bear encounter in Spitsbergen

A mother and two cubs move closer to the ship. The ice a bit thin and rotten around her with many holes and leads visible, yet, she seems to

The Small Mammals of the Arctic and Antarctica

There may not be any naturally occurring land mammals living in Antarctica right now, but this does not mean that the icy area was always li

11 Seals You May See in Antarctica or the Arctic

There are 18 species in the family of True Seals (Phocidae) currently alive throughout the world, and a total of 10 of them can be found bet

Wandering in Fields of Ice – Around Svalbard

To see a healthy and strong polar bear in its natural habitat is a delight. The power of this bear was perceivable from our vantage point on

Six Facts About the Crabeater Seals of Antarctica

As many as 75 million individual crabeater seals live in Antarctica, making them the most abundant seal in the world.

Whales are Abundant in the Jan Mayen Area

On most trips, people will spot Minke whales, Fin whales and sometimes Killer whales, and there is also a good chance that a Blue whale or t

Visiting Scott’s Terra Nova Hut - Cape Evans

I have read just about every account ever written on Scott’s Antarctic expeditions. Some hail him as a great hero; some claim he was an auto

Polar Bear Sets Impressive New Diving Record

Polar bears are known to dive underwater for short periods of time in order to hunt seals and other food sources, but one of these creatures

The Seabirds of Fair Isle: a Birder’s Dream Come True

Fair Isle is located between Shetland and Orkney, and it has become a prime destination for birders who are willing to travel to far away ar

Deep Sea Dwellers: 10 Facts about The Antarctic Giant Isopod

Two thousand feet below the surface of the Southern Ocean, in the benthic zone, dwells an ancient-looking creature with four antennae, two p

The Plants of Antarctica

It seems an almost impossible feat for a plant to survive in Antarctica. Despite the odds, there are still plants that have evolved specific

A Ross Sea Odyssey

In 2013 I took part in a trip of a lifetime. Led by Australian mountaineer, Greg Mortimer, this expedition took in the Antarctic Peninsula,

Experience King Penguins, Seals and More in South Georgia

The British territory of South Georgia is most closely located to the Falkland Islands. This area is home to a diverse list of wildlife, and

Diving in Antarctica: The Ultimate Underwater Experience

If you love scuba diving and enjoy a truly unique adventure, polar diving (specifically Antarctic diving) may be your next favorite thing.

Spitsbergen: Alkefjellet magic

Alkefjellet may not be Spitsbergen’s biggest bird cliff, but it is certainly among the most spectacular ones.

Bouvet Island: The Most Remote Island in the World

On January 1, 1739, an amazing discovery was made by French Commander Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier: a volcanic island that is so r

Going Green in Antarctica

Antarctica truly is the world’s last wild, untouched land. Aside from the international research stations that dot the continent, Antarctica

“The polar bear will still be there”

The bear will still be there… it sounds like a poem. But it was not? Later that day a guest asked me if the Polar Bear would still be there

Large and in Charge: Antarctica’s Southern Elephant Seals

Southern elephant seals are the largest species of seal on the planet and a highlight among Antarctica cruise wildlife.

Going Green: Ascension Island Sea Turtles

Wildlife lovers are united by a common Ascension Island aspiration: see its world-famous green sea turtles.

Fierce and Feathered: the Skuas of Antarctica

At first glance, the skuas of Antarctica appear to be merely darker-feathered seagulls. But looks can be deceiving.