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von Lorraine Mykitiuk

I cannot say enough good words about this trip, including what I saw, experienced and learned, and about the Captain, crew and all the staff who made it n amazing experience. The Captain always found a way for

von Allan Reid

We were lucky in having good weather the whole trip. The morning of our arrival the scene was breathtaking and only got better from there on. We keep telling friends that to look at pictures or video is only

von Fiona Shang

The grandeur of Antarctica is beyond any words or pictures. In the undisturbed tranquility, isolated to the notion of timelessness, I was in awe of its magnificence and our insignificance, and my mind become

von Valerie Spink

The trip far exceeded our expectations. The staff and crew were professional and knowledgeable. Andrew Bishop and his team took great care of the passengers and ensured that we had the opportunity to land as

von Silvia Baracchi

Wetterglück "Zimmerkolleginnen" gut Essen und Hotelservice gut Mitpassagiere gut gesehen: div Pinguine inkl Kaiserpinguin (1) Seals div Vögel Wale

von Alan Duke

Everybody I spoke to on the trip agreed it would be impossible to find the words to describe Antarctica - you've just got to go!

von jacques payant

Great trip,great sea sick hahahah great weather.staff very very kind loved every minute of it just the drake passage was a little bit rought on the way to antartica but perfect on return with the pacth of do

von Yvonne Zellman

It was absolutly fantastic, and it fullfilled all my dreams about the tour. The guide´s and the crew really worke´d hard to give us the best experience.

von Stephanie Huston

I had the most amazing time in the entire world on my Antarctica trip!!! :) I am very grateful for the opportunity to travel with Oceanwide Expeditions and can't wait to tell the world all about it. The

von Rodney van der Spoel

We had a fantastic trip with the Ortelius to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, the South Orkney Islands, the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands. The crew and staff on board were very entho

von Rudolf und Agnès Graf

Mit der ganzen Reise und dem Wetter, sehr zufrieden! Was hätten wir bei ständig schlechtem Wetter gemacht?...

von Kathrin Freise

In march 2016 I visited the Lofoten on board of the SV Noorderlicht. It was an unforgetable trip. The landscape is amazing, the crew was absolutely friendly and very well prepared and the Noorderlicht stole

von Eduard Clément

Organisation: am Flughafen in Reykjavik war so was von katastrophal oder chaotisch wie es nicht schlimmer sein könnte, ein Wunder dass alle Teilnehmer in die Stadt gekommen sind! Am Morgen 2 Std vor dem

von Ruedi Seiz

Wir buchten ein aussergewöhnliches Programm, in einem Teil der Welt, der noch weitgehend unberührt ist, in klimatischen Verhältnissen, die für uns neu waren und in einer Landschaft, die z

von Trevor Hicks

It shouldn't have happened in 2016! My daughter, Siân and myself had decided that 2017 would be the year we would both head North to circumnavigate the Svalbard Archipelago. However, work bookings