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HDS34-23, trip log, Atlantic Odyssey

After a few sea days, everyone onboard could not wait to arrive in St. Helena. We could see the island appear from the horizon in early morn

PLA32A23, trip log, Antarctica - Polar Circle - Deep South Voyage

After a successful afternoon activity, two whales came to say goodbye right next to the ship as we got back on.

OTL29-23, trip log, Antarctica - Polar Circle - Deep South Discovery Voyage

Just as the program laid out, we got on our weatherproof gear and went out in the Zodiacs.

HDS31-23, trip log, Antarctica - Elephant Island - Weddell Sea - Polar Circle

Today we wake up to the most beautiful sunrise reflecting on the mountains.

PLA31-23, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

The bay was full of glaciers and a few islands with Gentoo penguins and fur seals.

OTL28-23, trip log, Ross Sea

We travelled through rolling swells to the beautiful Campbell Island, around 660 km from our departure in Bluff.

HDS30-23, trip log, Antarctica - Polar Circle

Near the landing site in Dorian Bay the freshly painted Damoy Hut offers a glimpse into living in Antarctica.

OTL27-23, trip log, Ross Sea

We arrived at the iconic Ross Ice Shelf (or Barrier) in the wee hours of the morning.

HDS29-23, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

Our zodiac cruise rewarded us with humpback whale and Weddell seal encounters.

HDS28A23, trip log, Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctica

The day has come! We made it to Antarctica! After our breakfast we all go to our cabins and get ready for our very first landing.

PLA29-23, trip log, Antarctica - Weddell Sea Explorer

Our first day in Antarctica! Some of us got up early to see the Antarctic Sound; a stunning landscape as we saw the first icebergs.

PLA28-23, trip log, Antarctica

Our first day in Antarctica! This exciting day began with the beautiful site of Cuverville. Some of us got up extra early to see the first r

HDS27A23, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula-Basecamp

Right after breakfast begins the sign-up for the activities in the lecture room: we start with mountaineering, then kayaking followed by cam

PLA27-23, trip log, Falklands – South Georgia – Antarctica

As the day started breakfast was served on board, and most of us started to develop what we call the “sea legs”. The weather was relatively

HDS26-23, trip log, Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctica

After breakfast we go straight back to our cabins to prepare for Carcass Island. We put on our waterproof gear, pack our backpacks with came

PLA26-23, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

We entered the port and were welcomed by the Expedition Team and the Hotel Team at the Plancius’ gangway. After we had been shown to our roo

OTL26-23, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula, Discovery and Learning Voyage

The day had finally come, it was time to board Ortelius for our expedition trip to the Antarctic Peninsula! Some of us had booked the trip y

HDS25-23, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

Our next stop is Paulet Island, a very interesting historical site. There is a Stone hut on Paulet Island which was built in February 1903 b

OTL25-23, trip log, Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctica

Birding highlights prior to breakfast were Black-browed Albatross, Northern and Southern Giant Petrels, Wilson’s Storm Petrels, Sooty shearw

PLA25-23, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

Meanwhile M/V Plancius continued southwest towards Deception Island and right after midday we found ourselves transiting through the so call

HDS24-22, trip log, Antarctica - Discovery and learning voyage

At 6pm it is time for Captains cocktail to celebrate the beginning of the voyage with a glass of prosecco and delicious canapes. Captain Ton