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Want a Sneak Preview of Your Antarctica Cruise?

by Daniel Fox Blog

Antarctic Peninsula

Regions: Antarctica

Want a Sneak Preview of Your Antarctica Cruise?

1. You’ll have to put some effort into taking a bad picture of Antarctica. The landscapes offer starkly beautiful vistas in every direction.

2. Antarctica is one of the most pristine locations left remaining on Earth, largely untouched and unsettled by human beings.

3. Icebergs hold some of the cleanest water on the planet. It’s estimated that there’s enough fresh water in the icebergs from Antarctica alone to satisfy the needs of every person on Earth.  

4. Here’s another landscape to whet the appetite of the shutterbug hiding inside of you.

5. Your ship will anchor in a sheltered bay and become the home base from which you’ll launch all of your shore-based activities.

6. You’ll cruise along the coastlines, investigate icebergs, and head to the shore for land-based activities via one of our quick little boats called a Zodiac. Remember your waterproof clothing and boots; chances are you will get splashed!

7. The m/v Ortelius can also bring you ashore via helicopter, which allows you to get further inland to visit with some of the more remote penguin colonies. Don’t worry though, you’ll land far enough away so that you’re never in danger of upsetting the wildlife.

8. One of our most popular Antarctica activities that passengers love to participate in is kayaking along the shorelines.

9. You’re also able to get some coaching from our pro on-board photographers who will help make sure you bring home some fantastic-looking memories.

10. Hiking and snowshoeing are a couple of the mainstays of our cruises. We’re usually able to offer a variety of hikes that vary in difficulty. You’ll either be able to put in some serious work or just take a casual stroll along the shoreline depending on how you’re feeling that day.

11. For those who like a little more of a physical challenge our cruises also offer the chance to go mountaineering.

12. Mountaineering is the way to go if you want to take in some truly amazing vistas.

13. We also offer two types of diving on our cruises. The first kind requires experience:

14. The second kind of diving doesn’t require experience… just a fair amount of courage.

15. Our basecamp voyages give you the chance to camp out overnight onshore, under the Antarctic skies.

17. No Antarctic cruise photo blog would be complete without mentioning some of the wildlife you’ll have the chance to encounter on your trip. You’ll possibly cross paths with multiple species of those gentle giants of the seas, the whale.

18. A variety of seals lounging about or playing in the water.

19. And seabirds which of course includes… penguins!

20. Lots…

21. …and lots…

22. …of penguins.

23. You’ll also be able to step into history, visiting sites related to humanity’s exploration of our southern-most continent.

24. And you’ll be able to experience the local culture of our port towns and the stations found on Antarctica itself.

25. Just one warning – once you cruise to Antarctica with us you’re going to want to keep coming back.

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