A partly submerged shipwreck near Enterprise Island, the Guvernøren was a Norwegian factory ship deliberately run aground after catching fire in 1915


Region: Antarctica

Destinations: Antarctic Peninsula

Guvernøren, also known as Governoren or Gouvernoren

The Antarctic areas of Foyn Harbour and Enterprise Island are favored among our passengers, and the attractions offered there make it easy to understand why. Both the islands and the ice make for great Zodiac excursions, and we also hope to encounter some of Antarctica’s most awe-inspiring wildlife at these locations.

One of the most unusual attractions, however, is the shipwreck of the Norwegian factory ship, Guvernøren, known also as the Governoren or Gouvernoren. In 1915 the captain of the Guvernøren intentionally ran the ship aground to save his crew (and whale oil) after a fire broke out on board. The wreck of the Guvernøren is an impressive site, especially among our scuba diving passengers who have sufficient cold-water experience to explore it.

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