Cooper Bay

A small South Georgia bay near the Cooper Island Special Protected Area for seabirds

Antarctic Peninsula

Region: Antarctica

Destinations: South Georgia

Cooper Bay, Cooper Sound, and Cooper Island

Named after Robert Palliser Cooper, a lieutenant on James Cook’s HMS Resolution, Cooper Island is also where Cooper Bay gets its name. This small bay of 2.1 km ( 1.3 miles) lies southwest of Cape Vahsel and is separated from Cooper Island by (you guessed it) Cooper Sound.

Seabirds and other wildlife of Cooper Bay

South Georgia’s population of black-browed albatrosses, Antarctic prions, and other seabirds can be seen during visits to Cooper Bay. And because fur seals were not hunted on Cooper Island, many such seals also live around the Cooper Bay area and may be spotted.

Cooper Bay flora and surroundings

Tussock grasses grow abundantly around Cooper Bay, providing an excellent habitat for seabirds. You should also be able to catch a sight of Cooper Island in the distance, with its highest point being 416 meters (1,365 feet) above sea level and often dusted with snow.

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