Alessandra Coppa

Region: Antarctica

Destinations: Weddell Sea

Ship: m/v Ortelius

When I told my friends I was going to Antarctica for the second time, they didn't seem to understand why. It's difficult to explain to those who don't love this continent, how much it can offer. There is not a single second or a single glance from the ship that is always the same. It doesn't matter how many times you've been there. Weather is different, light is different, life around is different and our gaze is also different. Entering the Weddell Sea and sailing to Snow Hill Island is an experience of thick ice and strong wind, but also of blue skies, fiery sunsets, deserts of light and so much life! Ortelius is an excellent ship, my cabin was a perfect nest and the staff did an excellent job. We landed on Snow Hill on a sunny afternoon, after a helicopter trip of about 20 minutes. Then a short walk to the colony of the Emperor Penguins. When I first see them I think of the film La Marche de l'empereur and I am moved by so much resilience. What a privilege it was to be there! And now, so many kilometers away, if I close my eyes I am still in Antarctica, where sooner or later I will return.

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m/v Ortelius

m/v Ortelius

Cruise date:

14 Nov - 24 Nov, 2021


11300 USD