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  • fantastic but unfortunately only 3,5 days only on site with no reason given by Oceanside
isabelle lepretre

Region: Antarctica

Destinations: Antarctic Peninsula

Ship: m/v Plancius

Fantastic trip Antartica is the probably the travel of a lifetime On the Plancius. Unfortunately we staid only 3,5 days on the peninsula and the continent. 10 days of cruise includes: Departure day (departure at 6 pm from ushuaia) Arrival day (arrival at 7 Am in Ushuaia) Based on a supposed rough weather on the way back, the expedition guide decided to leave the peninsula half a day earlier.... In fact the weather forecast had not announced any storm......and we had a flat sea on the way back Finally we had time to go round the Cap Horn, that is interesting but....is not a polar cruise at all (you can go and see the Cap horn without paying such a high level price) We finally didn't get the cruise and the locations we had bought That had been VERY DISAPPOINTING regarding the price of the cruise I would recommend to be very vigilant with the commitments of Oceanwide, unless you intend to go there several times. I understand that whatever happens the can use the pretext of a bad weather to shorten your cruise in the peninsula (they explain that, in this area it is not possible to have a realistic forecast ........)

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