The Gullet

A visually stunning Antarctic channel between Hansen and Adelaide islands

The Gullet

Region: Antarctica

Destinations: Antarctic Circle

An impressive Antarctic waterway

The scenically stunning channel known as the Gullet runs between the southern edge of Hansen Island and Adelaide Island, offering dramatic scenery and the chance of iconic wildlife. The islands will dwarf the ship as we pass through it.

Alternate possibilities around the Gullet

In the event of ice in the Gullet, we’ll attempt to pass the equally impressive Gunnel Channel by Hansen Island and the Antarctic mainland. There’s a good chance we will spot fur, crabeater, leopard, and even Ross seals in this area.

Main image by Sara Jenner

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m/v Ortelius

m/v Ortelius

Cruise date:

21 Mar - 5 Apr, 2025

Berths start from:

12800 USD