Cape Hofmann Halvø

Bordered by huge dark mountains, Cape Hofmann Halvø (Peninsula) deep inside Scoresbysund, is a Greenlandic cruise must-visit for those seeking out spectacular Arctic landscapes.

Cape Hofmann Halvø

Region: Arctic

Destinations: Greenland

Cape Hofmann Halvø and its fjord-related features

Bordered by towering dark mountains, Cape Hofmann Halvø lies deep inside the Greenland fjord system of Scoresby Sund and is a must-visit location for those seeking out spectacular Arctic landscapes.

The fauna and flora of Cape Hofmann Halvø

A cruise into and around the Cape Hofmann Halvø area offers the chance to see Arctic hares, while on the nearby tundra you may also spot groups of hardy musk oxen. There are also birds aplenty, with notable populations of great northern divers and rock ptarmigans.

Cape Hofmann Halvø’s landscapes are lovely any time of the year but become especially appealing during the fall months, when autumnal colors break out on shore in contrast with the surrounding mountains and icebergs.

The fall months (especially near the end of the Arctic cruise season) offer an extra enticement: the northern lights, or aurora borealis. As the nights become longer, your chances of seeing the northern lights dancing overhead increase.  

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