Region: Arctic

Destinations: North Norway

Ship: s/v Rembrandt van Rijn

I want to thank the crew of the Rembrant van Rijn, 2/22 to 2/29 2020, for giving me a trip of a life time. My taking this trip caused reservations by many as I am 86 years of age. My son, William, and his wife, Justina accompanied me so I wasn't traveling alone, but still such a small ship, going above the Arctic Circle in February was not something many senior citizens would undertake. The crew were always near by to give me a hand or help me in any way I needed. They even lined me up with a snowmobile for one evening adventure as I wasn't comfortable walking to it. They made me feel secure so that I could fully enjoy the trip and when it came to an end lined us up with a taxi to the airport. I can't think of anything more they could have done. The trip was amazing, the scenery breathtaking, and they even put the sails up to give us the joy of actually sailing. Please let them know how much I appreciated all they did and how much the trip meant to me. Thank you all

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