Barry Lubin

Region: Antarktis

Reiseziele: Antarktische Halbinsel

Schiff: MS Plancius

The voyage was way more fantastic than I had anticipated in terms of majestic beauty, ambience on board, friendly staff and crew, accessibility to the Peninsula with 10 landings, the maximum possible, close proximity to whales, seals, penguins, and birds, and the staff's attentiveness to questions and zodiac safety. The seas were luckily very cooperative as was the weather on all our landings. The meals were surprisingly excellent as I did not expect such unusual attentiveness and variety and fantastic cuisine. The lectures on board during down times were excellent and informative. On just my iPhone, I was able to capture countless and priceless photos worthy of placement in National Geographic, because the scenery was breathtaking. The fact that all passengers could fit at the same time in the lecture space and the dining area was a big plus. One seating meant we all got to share our stories of the day. This also marked my clown performance there, which made me First Clown to Perform on All 7 Continents in History. I could go on and on, but the choice of the Plancius and the voyage we all shared was simply exquisite.

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