Marie-Jose Godby

Region: Antarktis

Reiseziele: Polarkreis

Schiff: MS Plancius

Aktivitäten: Buckelwal, Eisbär

I have returned from this trip hungry to read all about the early Polar explorers thanks to two riveting talks by Henryk. I am looking to go to the Antarctic too as I have been wowed and inspired by the sights, sounds and total beauty of this wild and beautiful landscape. The Captain was masterful in his handling of the ship close to rocks, walls, glaciers ,ice flows wildlife and rough seas. The crew were brilliant from the laundry ladies to the Chef (delicious food) and all in-between. The ship was clean and comfortable. The Team looking after us was lead by the most able and good-looking Andrew Bishop - a man of many talents and a great big Aussie smile. Everyone was interesting, helpful, professional and endlessly willing to talk about anything at any time. My final comment has to be for Gerard - the most beautiful man with THE most beautiful French accent when speaking in English! I would run away with him!!!!!

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