Hondius Photography and Video Workshops

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There’s no shortage of great things to say about a Hondius expedition cruise, but among the best are the free video and photography workshops offered during some of this ship’s voyages.

Bring home your finest polar pictures and movies

There’s no shortage of great things to say about a Hondius expedition cruise, but among the best are the free video and photography workshops offered during some of this ship’s voyages. These informative, interactive, highly useful supplements allow you to not only capture your memories in the best way possible but also make your friends back home maddeningly jealous.

And after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

But joking aside, the Hondius photo and video courses are fine additions to already epic Arctic and Antarctic cruises. Here are some details about how these workshops work.

Practicing your polar photography on Hondius

When you’re in Antarctica or the Arctic, every day provides an incomparable visual experience you can preserve in pictures. Nothing compares to being there in person, of course, but that’s just the sort of thing you can say to drive people crazy while showing them all your gorgeous photos.

The Hondius photography workshops are made up of onboard lectures and in-the-field practice led by a dedicated expedition guide, and never fear that each day will give you plenty of chances to put your new skills into practice.

Everyone can partake in this activity, whether you’re new to photography or a veteran. In the course of the workshops, you’ll become more familiar with your own camera equipment and learn best practices for taking pictures of wide-open terrain and moving wildlife – like glaciers or bays, penguins or polar bears.

You’ll also learn how best to adjust your photos for such common polar conditions as snowfall, overcast daylight, and blazing midday snow.

While these workshops are included in the price of your booking, you will need to bring your own camera and other equipment. Cameras are a matter of personal preference, after all, and it’s best to learn with equipment you’ll continue to use after your trip.

Here you can see the Hondius photography voyages we’re currently offering.

Hondius and the magic of polar videography

Look out, Marshall and Scorsese. Just as with the Hondius photo workshops, we’re offering passengers the opportunity to make movie magic out of all the sights, sounds, and action of Earth’s most cinematic regions. 

Our Hondius video workshops are made up of onboard lectures and practice out in nature, just as with our photo workshops, and are likewise included in your booking.

Also like our photography workshops, everyone can participate regardless of their level of video-making experience. Dedicated guides lead these workshops too, teaching you skills of videography that are especially useful in the Arctic and Antarctica.

These workshops help you maximize the capabilities of your video equipment to make the polar terrain and its wildlife come alive in movie form. 

You must bring your own video device to take part, as with the Hondius photography workshops, as this will allow you to focus more on learning good video technique than familiarizing yourself with camera functions themselves.

Please see our currently available Hondius videography cruises for more information.

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